Peanut Butter and all the Jazz

I swear to God, I can’t even buy peanut butter without seeing the creepy face of Jeff Borchardt floating around like a huge peanut butter loving pervert.
I’m not sure why BSL advocates sit around and contemplate beastality with peanut butter but it seems like it’s a weekly thing.

Yikes! These people are always rambling about just what moral pillars of community they are- that they ooze responsibility and sanity. I’m just going to suggest they crack open a dictionary and look up the definition of responsibility and sanity- I’m pretty sure obsessions about beastality are not one of the characteristics or definitions of both.

Honestly, Willie Billy- are you not a father to a girl? Getting rather creepy and I really question your ability to be a role model for a girl. I mean, if you can degrade women so easily as you do- what does that say about your ability to be a a great example for your daughter? Just food for thought…..

7 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and all the Jazz

  1. the thing that creeps me out the most, is any bully breed owner KNOWS what big dogs do to peanut butter jars, and the very suggestion of using my sensitive areas as a peanut butter jar dries me like a prune. OUCH.


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