When you tell yourself enough times…

Mr. Hounded himself. The infamous Jeff Borchardt has told so many lies that he himself can not even keep them straight.

It’s like lies just roll smoothly off his tongue like Peter Pan smooth peanut butter.

Maybe Jeff Borchardt is losing his memory- I hear horrible DJ’ng causes one to lose brain cells. BUT- Good thing for him, I have no problem reminding him on how he harassed and intimidated a disabled child and her family continuously. IN FACT- more than once and is still doing it.

Let’s see if he remembers this time-

I mean, it seems like bullying to me…..

Or- how about this time?

Does it seem like bullying to you?

Hold on while I wait for Jeff Borchardt’s alcohol infected brain to reboot….

Let’s see if this one rings a bell…. 

Jeff Borchardt tells himself so many lies that I think he actually believes that what he says is the truth.

Maybe he forgets the slew of thousands of people he harass over and over on a daily basis? Maybe he forgets how he has made it his personal agenda to make us all burn for his tragedy? Maybe he forgets all of the children he exploits just because his babysitter’s irresponsibility cost him his son’s life?

Sorry Jeff- but you abusing, bullying and harassing disabled children is not a theory (“an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven to be true”). It’s a fact with enough evidence to support the statement. But, if it makes you feel better- keep telling yourself what a great man you are….I mean, if you tell yourself that enough times you’ll eventually believe it, right?
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