Mr. Martin Burks

What is it with Texas? Some of the creepiest, dangerous and ignoramus morons seem to be inhabiting that great state.

Ladies and Gents- let’s meet Martin Burks a oil field mechanic from Henderson Texas.

It seems Mr. Burks has jumped into the Foamer crowd boots first. How do we know this? Well, he starts exploiting babies and innocent families!

You know what’s really disgusting? A bunch of keyboard idiots picking on families in a closed private group because they are pathetic human beings.

I personally think those innocent families should keep copies of the information about these disgusting Foamers.

I –think– CPS should investigate numerous Foamers. They have no issue abusing children with all of their hate and exploitation.

I’m sure Julia will make fun of them on one of her numerous hate pages.

::::sigh::::: No, it gets worse- of course James H. has to make another one of his tasteless meme’s using another child. It’s not his first time-


BSL advocacy ladies and Gentlemen- they really don’t care about the public- they just are pretending to care.

One thought on “Mr. Martin Burks

  1. They are a bunch of evil fuckers no credability and no victim advocacy just malicious propaganda and deranged people in the DBO foamer Cult.


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