Hi Lisa- you are an idiot. Not just a plain ‘ole regular idiot- but a destructive, manipulative piece of sh@t kind of idiot. ( I know, it sounds harsh, but its actually rather nice considering what a hateful witch she is.)

I have to admit, this story is somewhat disturbing and rather sad.  Robert A Frantsi, Jr.- of Greenwood IN passed way October 13, 2014 due to an overdose in his home. Mr. Frantsi was a dog owner and his dogs had access to his dead body. According to the story, his body had been there for days and at some point the dogs decided to start to feed off the ALREADY dead body (The ALREADY DEAD part is incredibly important, you’ll see why in a bit.).

The only reason WHY this story has garnered any interest with Lisa is because the owner owned Cano Corso Mastiff (which means pit bull to Lisa and fellow Foamers.) mix and a 13 year old pit bull. Don’t we hear all the time how foamers/BSL advocates always cry and whine about people “victim” blaming? Hell, Jeff Borchard blogged whining about how he’s hounded, right?  Let’s see how BSL Advocates and Foamers treat an apparent suicide/overdose victim:

Lisa Gaffney: ” Another pit bull advocate who met with an early demise. He was found with his pit bulls and cane corsos chewing on his body. Half of his face, his chest, and neck were completely chewing out. Judging from his comments when he was alive, sounds like he got a little bit of the venom he wished on others”.

Fact: “Police said his two dogs, described by Miller as a five month old cane corso mastiff and a 13-year-old pitbull, had eaten the soft tissue off of his face, neck, and upper chest.”

I’m curious-
1. How is this man a pit bull advocate?

I mean, I would assume Lisa would be smart enough to know that their is a difference between an “Advocate” and a dog owner. Maybe she just doesn’t understand the meaning?
“a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy: “he was an untiring advocate of economic reform”

Common sense would tell most people that just because someone is a dog owner does NOT make them an Advocate of their chosen breed. However, considering Lisa- common sense is not her strong point.

2. “He was going through depression issues.”

Did he intentionally commit suicide by overdose? No where in the story did it say he was a habitual user. Now, how do BSL advocates treat this victim?

Again- overdose was the CAUSE of death. The two dogs had absolutely nothing to do with the fatality.

“A depressive, took an overdose”– right Lesley? A possible mentally ill man dealing with depression decided to take his own life and it’s unfortunate that you can’t blame the dog?

It makes total sense WHY the dogs were destroyed- but they were destroyed by absolute no fault of their own. They did what animals do when faced with a hunger. Of course it’s heartbreaking- they lost a friend and two animals that were connected to their friend.

Where does it say he lived a violent life?
Oh wait-

You know who he sounds like?
Ms. Pamela Liner– notorious racist homophobic BSL advocate –




But- not like the one Facebook post that Lisa found while stalking the profile of a man who killed himself defines the type of man he is. It just irks them that they can’t officially blame this tragic death on the dogs- but they will try-


All I do know is- for people who like to b@tch and whine about how “hounded” they are- that THEY are the real victims advocates sure like to take victims and make them into villains. I guess it’s just another example of the hypocrisy of BSL Advocates.


6 thoughts on “Reaching

  1. If these people don’t think that their little dogs will also start to eat them if they’re left with their corpse for a few days, they’re fooling themselves. The same goes for cats. However, I think cats would get started right away and dogs would try to get at their kibble as best they could until they starved.


  2. Any dog that hasn’t eaten in days will eventually eat what he/she can. There was a case where dogs were left in a basement for weeks and when they were finally let out attacked the people who left them their. An autopsy report revealed they had ingested rat poison. That fatality was also human error.


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