Christmas cards

I love getting cards at Christmas! So much thought and love goes into finding the right card for the right person!

Foamers are no different! They love to send me Christmas cards! They take the time to find just the right card for me! I would LOVE to share them with you!
Awww! Happy Holidays to you too Colleen!!

Christy put so much effort into that card. She’s such a special Foamer!

You are such a awesome Christian Olivia!

D-man! I’m impressed! Happy Holidays to you too!

Eh… William- you are getting kind of creepy, but as long as you keep your distance I totally wish you a happy holiday too!

I LOVE GINGERBREAD! How did Jeffery Sloan know??
Last but not least- and I have to say, I really am excited about this card….

And a very merry Christmas to you too Jeff!

Happy Holidays! 9 days till Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas cards

  1. Haha….these are classic examples of their HATE agenda!! I am sure you have gotten many more! Kudos to you for exposing these idiots for what they really are….and I do not feel sorry for anyone that knowingly joins their nazi like cult!!


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