Deliberately misleading

Kenneth Santillan
Kenneth Clodo Santillan, PATERSON, NJ — “Here’s a nightmare of a story that brought back memories of a childhood incident I experienced. Kenneth Santillan, 13, was found dead after he and a friend were attacked by a bullmastiff as they walked home from school Friday afternoon.”
Bull mastiff is not a pit.

Raymane C. Robinson
“While the bull mastiff was euthanized, the only person cited after Camari’s death was the woman moving the dog from the backyard to the garage. According to the Killeen Municipal Court records, the 66-year-old woman, who was caring for the dog while its owner was away, was issued a citation for “dog at large.” The misdemeanor carries a $164 fine.”

Bull Mastiff– which is not a pit bull.

Demonta Collins

After researching this story with many news outlet-
The Augusta Chronicle – no breed mentioned
News 13-– no breed mentioned
Augusta Chronicle – no breed mentioned
However reports from witnesses state:

Complete different than “running from a attacking pit bull”.


Holden William Garrison

NOT a pit bull- but watch how and Daxton’s Friends try to turn this dog into a pit bull.

There has been no “confirmation” of this dog being a pit bull what so ever.

Are you noticing the trend?

Craig Systma
“Mallett said the dogs responsible for the attack are two 3-year-old Cane Corsos. A Cane Corso is described by the American Kennel Club as a “mastiff type” dog that ranges in size from 23 1/2 to 27 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder.

Cane Corso– again NOT a pit bull of any sort.

Just how legitimate is and Daxton’s Friends? How many other misleading labels and straight out deceptions will we find if we look closer?

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