You are no John Constantine that’s for sure….

Normally I just pass over some of the stupidest sh@t that flows from Jeff Borchardts keyboard- but this should horrify any Hellfire/Constantine fan.


LOL- at least he has the asshole part correct. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if that jerk sat around and thought he was the reality version of Constantine. Fighting demon dogs and their devil’s spawn owners!


Like he is the right hand of the almighty- put on this earth to smite us and our unholy dogs. As if God himself as granted him the never ending knowledge of dog breed identification- that he and only he can cast us out of society!
john constantine photo:  john.gif

Heh…. He wishes. Although the probable reality for Jeff is that there is a special place downstairs for him. How much hate, lies and abuse can he spew before he hits the point of no return? Before he actually has done something so unforgivable that he just can not redeem himself?

Today is his son’s birthday. Today is the day he can actually start being honest- to himself and to the world. I would LOVE to say that he has the ability to start mending the damage he has caused- but I am realistic and so are the thousands and thousands families he has victimized. If anything- we are getting prepared for the next wave of hate- the next onslaught of abuse, stalking and harassment.

Grow up you big ‘ole hateful jerk!

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