The public eye

I think the BSL advocacy movement needs a refresher on definition of words. According to Lisa Gaffeny, Jeff Borchardt  and fellow members-  Harassment includes:

  • Questioning
  • Disagreeing
  • Objecting
  • Debating
  • Debunking
  • Defending
  • Asking for verification
  • Having a difference of opinion
  • Demanding accountability for questionable and unethical behavior 

When the actual definition of harassment is: “Harass And imply systematic persecution by besieging with repeated annoyances, threats, or demands: The landlord harassed the tenants who were behind in their rent.”

The BSL movement has decided to make themselves public. They have attempted to mainstream their organizations into our homes and attempt to become a legitimate source of information by the creation of Non- Profit organizations such as:

  • Daxton’s Friends – (“Through education, promotional vehicles, and providing resources, we aspire to function as an authority on these topics and serve our communities. Having applied for our 501(c)(3) status, we will strive to provide honest and unbiased information as a nonprofit.”)
  • Animal 24-7- ( ANIMALS 24-7 is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Washington state on March 8,  2014.  IRS 501(c)(3) charitable status retroactive to March 8,  2014 was confirmed on November 3,  2014. All donations are fully tax-deductible.)

Both Non- Profit Organizations have placed themselves into the public eye with the goal to become “experts” in dog ownership and breed restrictions.  They have set themselves on a platform that opens the door for the public to challenge their agenda. Yet, when the public challenges their views, statistics and agenda- These non- profit organizations cry harassment!

Part of being informed and having the ability of staying informed, making informed decisions is to have access to all of the information available on a topic. Not just what one group WANTS you to know about – but all of it. That includes:

  • Sources of Statistics
  • Motivation of mentioned groups
  • Ethical behavior of such groups and the behavior of members
  • The source of why such foundations have been created
  • What groups support these foundations
  • Credibility of experts

It is in our best interest to question the validity of each and every statistic thrown out there. The public deserves to know WHY they should disregard well established, funded, unbiased and expert led groups such as the CDC, AVMA, National Canine Research Council and many other well respected well funded and led by established professionals and only tune into 3 questionable non-profit confessed biased organizations.  All 3 organizations that have been under fire and have been controversial in their behaviors, statistics and agenda.

Questionable sources:

I’m sorry BSL Advocates- As long as you want to force your agenda into peoples homes and jeopardize families and their pets- Then you need to be as transparent and questioned just like any politician that is in the public eye. That is not harassment- that is the called demanding to be informed. No one said the public spotlight was easy- but if you can not handle the heat of public opinion then get out of the kitchen.

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