Real vs Fake

Foamers are suffering from a serious case of hemorrhagic butt hurt in epic multitudes. Even to the point of denying things they have slathered all over their hate pages!

It seems Willy Billy and his fanatics are not amused with being busted and exposed concerning their peanut butter addiction.
I guess they are not amused with me sharing this little gem-

They are so not amused that they are attempting to adamantly deny it.

Let’s reach and help these morons and assist them learning what’s REAL and what’s FAKE.

Example A:</u>


FAKE (we hope!):


Example B:




Example C:



FAKE (heh… Cat man):


Example D:


FAKE (egads!):


Hopefully This helps Willy Billy and his pack of morons over on their silly page figure out what is real and what is fake!

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