Behind the Curtain

Many times organizations are not always what they seem to be and this is no different then the new non- profit Daxton’s Friends created by Jeff Borchardt in the attempts to become a leading authority in the canine & human relationships.

In fact- he makes it no secret that he wishes to become a leading authority in this field. To aspire to become the “go to website” for an unbiased dog safety go to zone.  Although it seems that his website and his propaganda seem to go in the opposite direction.


Even though in his mission statement he writes that he relies on established canine-related organizations- I can’t help but find him attacking each and every one- except for and Animal 24-7. In fact- Jeff Borchardt openly attacks every established canine related organization in his personal blogs.

As he states- “In his opinion” – not one single well established canine relates organization is NOT the pockets of those dastardly pit owners. Even going as far as to accuse the CDC, AVMA , the Humane society, NCRC (National Canine Research Counsel) as being corrupt with inaccurate statistics. So again, the question is- Why is Jeff Borchardt lying?
What is he hiding?

He claims in his mission statement, he proudly implies that his organization promotes dog safety. Oh, wait- breed safety? Giving Jeff the benefit of the doubt- I checked out his dog safety educational info-

Nothing there that informs people of preventing dog bites or dog safety education. How about here?

Proper canine care? Maybe he just mislabeled it?


Absolutely NOTHING about how to prevent dog bites. In fact- nothing in Daxton’s Friends educates the public about addressing bite/dog education safety.
1. The CDC does.
2. The AVMA does.
3. The Humane Society does.
4. The ASPCA does.
5. Dog gone safe does.
6. Dr. Sophia Yin does.
Daxton’s Friends offers absolutely no Dog bite prevention education.

According to Daxton’s Friends, they state- “we will strive to provide honest and unbiased information as a non- profit.” and the public and officials need to investigate this claim. The content of Jeff Borchadts blog that he promotes through his website contradicts his own unbiased claims.


Go ahead and check then out.

Mr. Jeff Borchardt is trying to scam the public- what he has created is a biased – ill informed website with the pretense of educating the public about dog safety awareness.
But then again, Westboro baptist church & the KKK also like to think they are promoting public safety awareness- I guess that’s the route Daxton’s Friends is taking also.

The Personnel/Founding Board Members behind Daxton’s Friends:

Jeff Borchardt

Supporting eradication of a breed by promoting his “No birth = no kill” campaign. He actively supports abuse of pit type dogs and will claim harassment if challenged. Multiple DUI arrests, drug and Possession charges with intent to sell are included in his background. Creator of a Facebook hate page dedicated in posting images of children of pit bull owners.
Susan Iwiki –

The caretaker of 14 month old Daxton- owner of the two dogs responsible for the mauling of the child. Multiple bail jumping, DUI’s, Driving on a revoked, and drug charges are on her record.

Tony Solesky-

In 2013- the courts overturned the Solesky case declaring pit bulls are not inherently dangerous and opting for a law that covers ALL dogs.
Catch up on Tony Solesky’s finer moments.

Beth Clifton

Catch up on her
contradictions regarded pit bulls.

Feel free to read more about the board members of Daxton’s Friends-
Click here-

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