Our new family addition

So many people get cute cuddly puppies and kittens at Christmas time. Some have found their life long families and unfortunately some will be given up after that cute puppy gets a bit older. We- in our household decided that we needed to add on. Granted- I have a crazy toddler, a tween who can’t even pick up shoes, a husband who can’t find his socks and two dogs already BUT I thought a new addition would be great.

So- I did what every Mary Jane did- I hit craigslist! OMG. I can’t believe my luck! I found a breeder that just had ANOTHER litter and I’m in luck! He has the perfect pet for us- a purebred T-Rex!

Here we go! Let me introduce you tooooo Teddy our Purebred T-Rex!

Doesn’t he just seen so love able and such a perfect pet? Now- I have no idea exactly how to take care of one of these but it should be pretty easy- right? I mean- didn’t some one say that a T Rex was the nanny dinosaur?

I think my oldest daughter loves him! I really think it’s a great idea to leave Teddy totally unsupervised with kids!

Sometimes Teddy just doesn’t play well with other toys…

But it seems Barbie has him under control! Whew! That’s reassuring.
Teddy really loves our toddler. Those two are best buddies. She feeds him, sits with him, stuffs him in her tricycle basket and roam around.

I don’t think Teddy needs a leash- after watching the T Rex whisperer I’m a total T-rex expert.

Granted- Teddy tends to get into things-

BUT HE LOVES to play hide -n- seek with the girls!

He really surprised my oldest here!

Sometimes Teddy gets a little cranky-

Well- sometimes REALLY cranky-

But you know- he’s just being a T-rex. I’m thinking we should get another one? Maybe become my own t-rex breeder?

I mean- what could go wrong?


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