You know, I was never going to blog about this woman. I never was going to point that letting her 4- year old run around unsupervised and that poor child went into someone’s fenced in yard with large dogs and was mauled- by her inability to watch her child- but I’m really getting tired of her telling innocent people, strangers and anyone who owns a innocent dog that they are going to hell.


You are correct Gail, “God don’t need explanations…” – God knows exactly what happened. “God” knows that millions of people are not responsible for the death of your child. “God” knows millions of dogs are not responsible for the death of your child. One mother (You), One Man (The owner of the dogs) and the attacking dogs. I understand that some concepts are complicated for you to understand- and I absolutely understand the cult like behavior of Dogsbite.org that excuses your irresponsible parenting that led to the tragedy of your son’s death, but I do not excuse it and neither do millions of others.

When is it acceptable to collectively blame ANYONE but the people responsible for the tragedy? Oh wait- yes, I forgot- your taking lessons from someone who GREAT at that- that’s cute- he even liked your little “Nutters goin to hell” rant.

The pity card isn’t a “Stay out of Hell” card Gail- in fact, people are getting tired of your continuous blame game. Once again- just like a page out of Jeff Borchardt’s pity book- she forgives the dog owner and it’s a “special circumstances” with them-

Right- so instead your blaming strangers?

He wasn’t alone- yet you were inside, you couldn’t reach him before he climbed a fence?

Well that makes sense- it’s cool. Go ahead and place the blame on millions. Make us pay for your irresponsibility. I mean- there isn’t more to this story- right?
Or is there?


Well- I guess that’s that.

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