He’s a victim- and don’t you dare question it!

It seems like the BSL advocacy is fracturing into two groups – and it’s definitely not a pretty split. In fact- it’s turning down right nasty- and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Look- I get some crazy dog owners say some really stupid things- no one has claimed there isn’t ignorance among some pit bull owners- obviously there is or you would not have some of the tragedies caused by irresponsible owners. But- with any cause brings out the berserkers- and they are fine and dandy until you piss one of your sharpest berserkers off. Which Colleen Lynn, Jeff Borchardt and fellow DBO cult have succeeded doing and it’s f@cking HILARIOUS!

It seems you have GROUP A


versus GROUP B


I think Jeff and Colleen have bitten off more than they can chew. That’s the bad thing when you encourage and support extremists- because once you piss them they off- they have no issue hitting below the belt. It’s like a trifecta of WGAF (who gives a f@ck!). They don’t care about pit bull owners, pit bulls and dogsbite.org members and nothing is off limits.

Make no mistake – Pit Bull Einstein is very much an anti pit bull assholish page- however- they seem to be the rare anti pit bull page ran by assholes who are tired of the cult mentality and they are having no issue hiding it-

And it seems like Mr. poor pity party isn’t really thrilled with this-

So much damage you do by telling people in your group to man the f@ck up and stop making everyone kiss your @ss-right?

I mean- Dogsbite.org only cost their own member her job because they are complete paranoid whack jobs- but damn it- Eve better not be resentful- there is only room from ONE main victim in that group and we all know who claimed that throne of bullsh@t….

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