Lord Please Help that moron….

Foamers seem to excel in being morons. I’m pretty sure they just don’t see it- but I suppose when a group of morons tell each other they are educated geniuses all the time they really start to believe it.

Here is a great example:

Good ‘ole Anthony Michael Ridge – Mr. Fake marine himself! The same man who pretended to adopt a Asian child that was supposedly orphaned because a pack of rabid pit bulls are her whole family- except- what really happened was he took a picture of a kidnapped child and made up the story for some weird reason.

I’m not sure if he realizes just how bad he butchered cohesive writing in that one post- but anyone who knows our little fake marine knows that misspelled words and the butchering of the English language are his forte.

I mean- he’s just the right moron to attempt to educate ANYONE in grammar.

Right? Continuously misspelling first grade words like- “ALL“?

I guess the force is not strong with that one.

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