Variations of victimization.

Did you know there are variations of victims? You know- different levels? I- myself thought it was pretty simple- you are either a victim or not.

I mean- the actual definition of Victim is:
“a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.” Nowhere does it say- “Oh-well, he’s a asshole, he deserved it and he was killed by whatever so that means he’s totally not a full victim of whatever killed him- just a variation of a victim.”

Well- once again let’s give BSL advocates a hand for just reaching up their ass and pulling crap out.


Well- if that’s the case with them than that really changes the dynamics of their membership. According to their logic Susan Iwiki , Jeff Borchardt & Kimberly Borchardt and Angela Rutledge would be right smack in the middle of that messy grey area.

I have to remind myself that BSL advocates are skilled in the art of double talk. They get to rewrite the very definition of VICTIM and twist it to suit their depraved beliefs.

So- who does Jeff Borchardt and members define victims? Oh- that’s easy:

But hey- if I’m wrong about this observation Jeff or Colleen- go ahead and speak up and please let me know if I just “misunderstood” your POV-


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