Beth Kehoe

You know- once you have interacted with Beth you can’t help but wonder if she’s suffering from a severe case of dementia- because she’s totally batshit crazy. I mean- it’s totally obvious she’s losing the ability to read-

Notice the report says-“Boxer mix” (I mean seriously- if it was a “pit bull” reporters have zero issue calling it a “pit bull”.), however the super duper sleuthing morons question the published breed-

Yes Jenni Sue- we understand your alcohol destroyed mind is having issues comprehending the simplest things but let’s see if we can break this down for you- ready?

B O X E R M I X- not a pibble wibble demon dog. Maybe her lack of employment after such a shocking firing right before Christmas has scrambled what little brain cells she has left?

Oh I bet Julia- like she is the dog expert. Maybe she cut back on the pill poppin and wine intake? Either the media CAN identify a pit bull or CAN’T they? Make up your minds- or are you saying that it’s a “conspiracy“?!

Uh- no. Another description for “PITT” would be “Pit” or “mutant“, “t-rex“,”Demon dog“- I mean- it all depends on who you ask.

Nope- no Jesus. He left you morons a LONG time ago.

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