Hi! I’m Jeff Borchardt and I’m a coward.

“Ohmygawd Kimberly Stojanneverspellhername- I’m a victim! How dare you question me! If you pause for a moment- you’ll hear Jeff Borchardt whining somewhere in Wisconsin.

I swear, Jeff Borchardt is a coward and if he doesn’t think millions of people are not aware of this than he needs to stop drinking and pay attention.

So- I asked Jeff Borchardt about his cults propensity to victim blame- some simple questions-

I guess these questions are to difficult for the failed DJ. I mean- you wanna see his response?

Now pay attention Jeff– this is in direct response to you- you are a coward. You should be sitting in jail considering your tendency to make pedophiliac comments towards you girls. I hope your “educational” foundation gets stripped of any credibility– oh wait- that’s already happening. It’s HILARIOUS watching your own friends tell you to stop playing the pity party card.

Get your lies straight Borchardt- you won’t answer anyone who won’t kiss your ass. You made that publicly apparent when you won’t speak with anyone who questions your ignorance. I mean- if you had a backbone you would have no issue debating any BSL advocates because your facts are super duper spectacular and are undeniable – but we both know your statistics are a joke.

It should be telling you something when pro BSL/Anti pit bull people are turning against you. So- bring on your mind blowing things because there are thousands of people ready to discredit you every time you open your victim blaming cowardly mouth.

FYI- the death of your son is NOTHING like the children being killed in the Middle East. Your son is dead because your babysitter was irresponsible and reckless with your supposed “miracle” child. The children in the Middle East are dying from a- starvation b- murder c- war – but we know Jeff Borchardt– those victims don’t matter to you.

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