Victim Blaming 101

“Portage Police are investigating a man found dead in his home Christmas Day. He appears to have died from dog bites to his arms and face apparently inflicted by his pit bull, according to Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris.”

According to the report- the girlfriend of the deceased victim stated the dog “Fatboy” was aggressive & unpredictable at times- extremely “protective” of bones and was known to growl and snap. The girlfriend states she asked the victim to euthanize the dog before this tragedy.

Dog bite fatalities are horrific- and according to Daxton’s Friends & victims are 100% blameless- UNLESS the victim is a pit bull owner- and then it’s game on. Don’t believe it? Look for yourself- “Victims Advocates” victim blaming:

Great job keeping it classy Patricia…

Right- because being a pit bull owner means … He deserved to die?

“Let the owners be the victims of his/her poor judgment”…. There sure is a lot of victim blaming going on- I’m not sure I know any victims advocacy that victim blames like and Daxton’s Friends.

And they keep going-

And going-

“Death is the only fix for pit bull advocates..”- you know- I really hope people see these comments made by “victims advocates” that support, promote and follow and Daxton’s Friends. That the public see the instability of these “public awareness groups”.

Those darn pit bull owners and advocates just are not dying fast enough. Are you ready for this one? Because this last comment sums their whole advocacy up in one small phrase-

We believe it.

One thought on “Victim Blaming 101

  1. Reblogged this on mongrelsandmen and commented:
    Another group of public safety advocate fails all apparently acting with the best interests of victims at heart whereas you can clearly see for yourselves their main interest is killing all pitbulls and has little to do with actually helping victims closer to the truth to say these people make more victims then they help??


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