The new year is upon us and I have to say 2014 as been a awesome year! So much love, laughter and adventures filled this year that it makes me so excited for the upcoming year!

When I started this blog- I wasn’t sure what direction to take it. Do I stay serious? Can I be funny? What will I write- I asked my husband- can I really do this? He had one simple answer- “of course you can.”- and so I did and it has been a blast!

Sure- I’ve pissed some people off, which always makes my day but each and every post marks an event- it’s one voice- my voice- joining millions of others. It’s having the ability to reach out to millions of other people – no matter what our personal views are.

2014– I’ve mainly blogged about the stupidity and cruel nature of BSL advocates and their advocacy. For 2015– I will continue this adventure into crazy land but…. make it a little more personal. To share pieces of my life- my adventures, my family, our moments filled with laughter to shake off some of that toxic foam that sprays us from the Foamer convention.

I know- those grumpy Foamers are wishing death, pain, torture on us for the year 2015 but you know what? I wish them peace.  I wish that they can feel calm in their troubled souls. I hope they receive unconditional love and that they return it.  I wish them joy. Finding joy in the smallest things, in the biggest things- but what I really wish for them is the gift of honesty.  Once they embrace the honesty that they have been dodging- they will find everything that they need (not necessarily what they want) to set right all they have wronged.

I guess we will have to see what the new year brings!
Happy New Years!!


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