New Years resolutions- straight from the Foamers

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations for the new year and those pesky Foamers are no different! Wanna check ’em out since they were so kind to share them with us?

Well- I mean, they sure can try….right?

Furthering their “education” is great- cuz they totally stink at it right now.

Lemur guess- anything with short fur and teeth? Or how about any dog with teeth?

Who has a public defender on call? Usually criminals…

I’m not even sure! I hear Terry is some kind of mythological beast- part tree, part human, part snicker bar but ALL mist. Well- when they figure it out, let us know!

I think they form workshops for this.
Sad,creepy and probably REALLLLY illegal.

It’s true- look at what happens when you do- its not pretty…

And BOY do they get mad! But…. Maybe because only the same quacks follow each other’s Foamer hate blogs? Not sure… But they’ll be fine…

I can imagine them behind the computer…”Grrr!!! I’m so mad! PISSED I tell you!” Just ranting… To themselves!

That’s a given! Wow! They even included a nice note to us!

Aww…. They just promote all that’s wrong with the world- it’s cute- in a creepy disturbing way.

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