Possibly the worst sister ever known to man.

I’m guessing Freda has issues with personal relationships due to her instability and rabid insanity.

I’ve kept silent on her whole ex husband killing someone issue- but it’s totally a scum bag move to expose your sister to the dangerous quacks she slobbers on but she brags about it thinking her sister will never find out.

Atleast I hide her sister’s phone number- unlike Freda who could give two sh@ts who she exposes her sister and nephew too.

Yeah- she totally is showing her love for her nephew by risking his safety by plastering their cell number over hate pages.

Now who’s endangering who Freda? In fact- it seems you are far more dangerous than any dog. It seems as if Freda is the broken one- however we know loyalty is not a great trait in Freda-


I wonder just how angry her sister would be knowing the danger Freda put her and her son in?

One thought on “Possibly the worst sister ever known to man.

  1. Stupid stupid stupid
    If that’s “love” I wonder what her idea of hate is. That’s insane of her to endanger ppl especially family


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