One last one for 2014

The hours are dwindling down and 2014 is coming to a close- but before this year closes out let’s share one last moment of stupidity from the “African American/ Puerto Rican” quack job from Rhode Island and our favorite fake profile Harry/John D Wayne/ nut job from New Zealand!

So- it seems Sonya is offended for being called out as
the hypocritical wench that she is and is a bit hurt that I responded to her children rant ( I know- don’t feed the trolls… But at times it’s amusing) and she’s upset that a PUBLIC picture was shared and a not so hypocritical comment was seen.

Hold on- so she emails me- not once, not twice but three times AFTER leaving her little hissy fit comment on my blog (which- if my blog is no deal- why is she obsessing over it? Seriously- like 50 comments about me… 😂) with not only her email but her IP address which I suppose I could blast that info out but…. I have a bit more class than Sonya. Oh wait- don’t forget I’m racist even though I can verbally b@tch slap her in 3 different languages but…

Goodness! Who is up at 2 am firing off angry emails? Oh yes- obsessed stalkers like Sonya. Who goes on and on and on and on about someone- over 100 comments in two posts? An obsessed stalker like Sonya- that’s who! YAY!

So- back to the final moment of stupidity from these people- it’s HILAROUS watching them jump around like squirrels in search of their nut! “Ohmygawd did you see what kinmie wrote?” “I can’t believe she has the nerve to respond to MY hateful rant at her! Let me cry about the injustice of it!” Blah, blah ::: insert more moronic stupidity from a failed community college of Rhode Island drop out::::

Now- if you know NZ/Aussie slang- “mate” means friend- and we all know the only thing Harry/John hears is the disturbing sounds of perverse self gratification as he drools over pit bull owners & Jeff Borchardt.
But being the MORON that Sonya is – can’t seem to figure that out-

One moment please-

Biiiiiiiiitch please. Now- normally I would say “Lord, please help this woman, please stop her from sounding like a ignorant pathetic excuse of a woman than what she already sounds like.” but I’m totally cool with letting her make a bigger ass out of herself.

I shall be waiting for her cousin who is supposedly from Missouri and who is also a public defender :

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/242/68730057/files/2015/01/img_4854.png so I can happily forward her/his “cousin’s” continuous repeated contact.

Now Sonya- I get you are a bit slow so I’ll post my email here (even though you already have it.) Can’t wait to here from you! But first- do yourself a favor- figure out who you are dealing with at first. Seriously Chica- I know your Foamer buddies won’t tell you but get help- STAT.

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