What is BSL?

What is BSL ( Breed specific legislation)? The answer depends on who you ask.

The basic answer:
““Breed-specific” legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain breeds completely in the hopes of reducing dog attacks.”

If you ask a BSL advocate:
“BSL stands for breed-specific legislation. It need not apply to banning dangerous dogs but is also a useful tool applied in managing humane breeding standards in physiologically problematic breeds, the care and management of sporting breeds, etc.. ” Notice a specific line? “It need not apply to banning dangerous dogs” however – “breed specific legislation is legislation and ordinances passed to regulate or ‘ban’ dangerous dog breeds, such as pit bulls and other blood-sport dogs from the mollossar group.” is what follows in the next paragraph from the rabid BSL /Dogsbite creator of The Canine Game Changer.

Now- Jenny Rosan attempts to manipulate myth vs. facts but anyone with the ability to research will be capable enough to see through her propaganda.

1. Myth or Fact?
” Dogs are identified arbitrarily by sight, and by ‘random’ professionals that could have little or even no experience with identifying dog breeds./Only a DNA test can verify breed.
While it is true that more sophisticated methods–such as DNA tests–cannot distinguish ‘pit bull’ as an individual breed… (in fact, many fanciers laugh about the fact that their purebreds/prize winner DNA tests come back with absurdly wrong results, KNOWING their dogs are full well not just pit bull, but take pride in them being the epitome thereof), pit bulls are as readily identifiable as any long-standing, distinguishable breed by the cluster of lists identifying specific traits and body ratios according to UKC standards (or in the AKC under the guise ‘American Staffordshire Terrier’).”

According to BSL advocates- this is a myth. However in reality we know that it is a fact.

According to the Pit Bull Checklist from San Francisco –

1. Head is medium length, with a broad skull and very pronounced cheek muscles, a wide, deep muzzle, a well-defined, moderately deep stop, and strong under jaw. Viewed from the front, the head is shaped like a broad, blunt wedge.

2. Eyes are round to almond shaped, are low in the skull and set far apart.

3. Ears are set high. Un-cropped ears are short and usually held rose or half prick, though some hold them at full prick.

4. Neck is heavy and muscular, attached to strong, muscular shoulders.

5. Body is muscular, with a deep, broad chest, a wide front, deep brisket, well-sprung ribs, and slightly tucked loins.

6. Tail is medium length and set low, thick at the base, tapering to a point.
Hindquarters are well muscled, with hocks set low on the legs.

7. Coat is a single coat, smooth, short and close to the skin

I’m just going to throw this out there but…. It describes millions of dogs of multiple breeds.

According to Tom Skeldon- former Ohio dog warden-
who was called as an “expert” on behalf of the City of Toledo in the matter of Toledo v. Tellings testified : “that there is really no way to tell if a dog is or is not a pit bull, and the determination is made by animal control officers’ subjective judgment. ” Toledo v. Tellings, 2006 WL 513946 (Ohio App. 6 Dist) March 2006

2. Myth or Fact
BSL punishes ‘good owners’. Many people don’t realize this, but BSL doesn’t equate an outright ban.

According to BSL Advocates this is a myth.

BSL punishes innocent dogs & families based on what breed that dog might be. In fact- many times BSL is the cause for the over flow of supposed “pit types” being surrendered to shelters and rescues.

BSL advocates propose every “dangerous dog breed” should:

1. Licensed (which EVERY dog should be.)

2. S/N (which every dog should be unless they are part of a responsible breeding program)

3. Microchipped (every dog- which many rescues provide.)

4. Muzzle in public ( if a dog has aggression/bite issues- but if a innocent dog regardless of breed should never be forced to be muzzled.)

5. Housed according to specific containment standards. ( basically – any pit type dog would be thrown into a cage with cement- unable to be allowed in the house or fenced in yard.)

6. Insured ( which majority of large dog owners are- however, ALL dog owners should be insured.)

The difference is- BSL advocates only propose these regulations on what they deem dangerous breeds. Pit types, Rottweilers and bully breeds- how would this help the thousands and thousands of people attacked by non “dangerous” breed type dogs?

According to BSL advocates – “Dangerous dog ownership is a privilege, not a right. Car ownership is a privilege, not a right. A car must be inspected, insured, and up to safety protocols; and these are inanimate objects with no free will of movement. That free will of movement is what makes it all the more important to appropriately maintain a high-risk animal. ” Dog ownership regardless of ANY breed is a privilege. If irresponsible ownership was breed specific then puppy mills filled with small dog breeds would not be shut down. Small dogs would not be over flowing in shelters and rescues.

3. Myth or Fact
“BSL hurts/kills innocent dogs. Hysterical anti-BSL lobbyists rail and compare BSL to the holocaust, invoking images of dogs being rounded up and euthanized en masse. The reality is; in the history of BSL, there has never been a mass round-up and euthanasia of banned breeds. When a ban is enacting, existing dogs are grandfathered into the area, and can be kept till the end of their natural lives according to the city’s protocol–meaning adhering to micro-chipping, insurance, etc within a reasonable period. Owners that refuse to comply with such measures are issued a generous grace period in which to re-home their pet elsewhere. That same grace period is generally given to those who relocate into the area with banned breeds, as well.”

BSL/Bans kill. Dogs are ripped from homes and euthanized. Dogs are surrounded due to breed restrictions and euthanized due to lack of space.

1. May 9, 2005- Denver Division of animal control started rounding up pit type dogs from homes and euthanized them. Owners were fined 999$ if they did not comply. There were some exemptions but only if the dog was registered before 1/11990- any dog registered AFTER that are not qualified to be saved.

2. Lennox

3. Moreauville LA – “The ordinance states anyone with a pit bull or rottweiler must get rid of it by Dec. 1 or the village will take it for “disposition.””

4. Nick Santino euthanized his dog, Rocco, Tuesday — on Santino’s 47th birthday due to pressure from his Upper West Side NYC condo association. Rocco has zero aggression issues not misbehaved.

After threats and fines, “He felt like he was in this battle because he was the only guy in the building with a pit-bull mix.” Nick Santino committed suicide due to the harassment of anti pit/pro BSL members.

5. Tribal officials seized invent family dogs belonging to owners and euthanized them.

There are plenty of examples the shows this is a fact. BSL/Bans kill and destroys families.

4. Myth or fact
“BSL doesn’t work.”

BSL Advocates state this is a myth.

BSL does not prevent dog attacks.

Here are some examples –

“There is no credible evidence to demonstrate that any particular breed or type is overrepresented among biting dogs. Professional animal expert organizations, including the American Veterinary Medical Association, have found that no breed is more dangerous than another.”

The Toronto Humane Society has released the results of a survey of cities that establishes Ontario’s 2005 ban on “pit bull” breeds or dogs that resemble pit bulls has not made any difference in the number of dog bites. In fact, dog bites dropped 10% in the year prior to the ban, 2004-2005, then dropped slightly in 2006. But subsequently, the number of bites rose to near 2005 levels.”

When push comes to shove BSL advocates like to leave out the hard facts. They like to distract from the real issue such as lack in dog safety education, the rising problem of irresponsible dog ownership of all breeds and owner accountability. What BSL advocates like to do is bully, harass and attack any one person or group that stands up and squashes their lies. Welcome to 2015- BSL advocates don’t stand a chance.

* Stopbsl.org
* defending dog.com

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