When is it acceptable to agree with the CDC?

Well- according to James Hassinger, CDC is the expert in updated knowledge about foreskin removal but NOT dog bites.

I know- pick up your jaw from the ground- you just can’t make this stuff up. Now- I don’t care what people chose to do about circumcisions, I have daughters so I don’t worry about that- but I know it’s a battle ground of opinions. The only reason WHY I bring this up is- just how many times do we hear BSL Advocates such as Hassinger claim the CDC is the WORST government department ever. That the CDC are a bunch of bumbling morons who supposedly can not figure out dog bites- yet- they are not so bumbling when it comes to forskin removal?
Look for yourself-


Well- probably like DBF- the numbers are low compared to the current population…

Whew! Super glad the CDC has this covered- just like they have dog bite info and education…

You know what else the CDC recommends? Info on dog attacks….


So again- BSL advocates get to cherry pick info and sources when it fits their agenda. James- who will be the first to tell you the CDC is a failure and full of sh@t when it comes to DBF yet…. Is the expert on circumcisions. Go figure.

One thought on “When is it acceptable to agree with the CDC?

  1. Just like somebody using PBRC as a source but not including the little tid bit that PBRC doesnt advocate for BSL. Cherry picking at its finest right there


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