It’s only the 2nd day of 2015

Irresponsible dog ownership is not designated for a certain class, race or gender. Irresponsible dog ownership encompasses all political parties and this is glaringly apparent by a recent post by Alaskan ex governor Sarah Palin showing her son stepping on the back of their family dog.



I’m in no way blaming the child- but I am blaming Sarah Palin- you betcha I am. If that dog suddenly snapped and not the child- who would be blamed? Who would pay the ultimate price? It wouldn’t be Sarah Palin- it would be that child and that dog.

When will we start demanding accountability from parents? From dog owners? When we will stop encouraging irresponsible and negligence behavior? When we start saying enough is enough?

I’m tired of irresponsible parents and dog owners crying “victim” when their actions or lack of actions caused the death or harm of another person- adult or child. It scares me knowing people think this is okay! It scares me that it’s behavior like this that is fueling BSL (Breed specific legislation).

If BSL advocates actually were honest with the public they would acknowledge this- but we know BSL is filled with stereotypes, discrimination against the owners, fear and hate. In fact- BSL advocates have no problem being dishonest and refuse to acknowledge the difference in breeds of dogs.

The fact that BSL advocates refuse to actually label dogs by correct breeds- if Sarah Palin’s dog bit that child what is the probability of that black lab turning into a black lab/pit bull mix? It has been done- and they will have zero problem doing it again to help their agenda.
In fact- their “statistics” are filled with them.

Read the story here- identified the dogs correct breed.
BSL Advocates such as & Daxton’s friends use these tatics over and over.


And twisting media reports to turn a tragic accident into a supposed attack like the case of Demonta Collins

No breed is ever mentioned in the following reports- nor was the dog aggressive.

WTBW 13 news

News 6

Augusta Chronicle

And this is the core of the issue. BSL advocates are not experts. BSL advocates have no issue being dishonest and they fight for laws that are unethical and misleading. If BSL/Bans were effective and ethical would not the top groups filled with the leading experts support it? But they don’t.

Wanting to keep our innocent dogs is not selfish. Wanting not to have to held responsible for a select fees failures and negligence is not selfish. Wanting to stop the stereotype and discrimination of pit bull/mix/type OWNERS is not selfish. It is our fundamental right as tax paying, hard working, innocent Americans to not live in fear of having a small group of people continuously attacking the millions of innocent dog owners and according to the changes in many states- they are in agreement. BSL is slowly disappearing.

As of today- UTAH is a BSL free state

National animal organizations such as the American Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society of the United States, Animal Legal Defense Fund, Best Friends Animal Society, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the American Kennel Club, and the National Animal Control Association all oppose BSL. Otto sums up their position this way: “If the goal is dog–bite prevention, then dogs should be treated as individuals under effective dangerous dog laws and not as part of a breed painted with certain traits that may not be applicable to each dog. By doing so, owners of well–trained, gentle dogs are not punished by a breed ban, while dangerous dogs of all breeds are regulated and may have their day in court to be proven dangerous.””

Take one last look- because if this child is bitten for promoting behavior like this- document that it’s a black lab before & Daxton’s Friends magically turn it into a “pit bull”. Won’t be the first nor will it be the last time.

One thought on “It’s only the 2nd day of 2015

  1. Thanks for keeping such a close watch on these people and their fraudulent claims. The work you do makes huge strides in getting rid of flawed laws like breed specific legislation (BSL) and exposing the pro-BSL machine and those who fuel it.


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