“PSL”- the new spin on BSL

Kenneth Phillips- Time magazine calls him “California’s leading dog bite lawyer” along with many other media outlets. But who is Kenneth Phillips truly beyond the media?

Anyone active in the pro/anti BSL fight knows the real agenda of Kenneth Phillips. Partners with Colleen Dogsbite.org and Merritt Clifton of Animal 24/7 – Mr. Phillips attempts to walk the line between the two parties but his actions give him away.

Creator of the controversial Facebook group Dog bite Law his biased beliefs and extremist views satisfy the Dogsbite.org/BSL advocates. This is glaringly apparent by his debunked study he promotes on his website & Facebook group stereotyping against pit/bully breed owners as “people who owned high-risk, cited dogs were more than 9 times as likely to have been convicted for a crime involving children, 3 times as likely to have been convicted for domestic violence, and 14 times as likely to have been convicted of crimes involving alcohol.”- a study from 2006 that has absolutely no merit and has been proven invalid by their own characteristics of BSL/DBO members.

(Many such members, including Jeff Borchardt, Susan Iwiki, Jon Felosi, Freda Ward and numerous other members have criminal histories involving violence, drugs and alcohol.)

In attempt to seem like the sane voice in the ocean of extremists that belong to the BSL movement- Mr. Phillips attempts to portray equality and non discriminatory behavior towards pit/bully breed owners by at times allowing them into the Dog Bite Law group under the false pretense of allowing any form of equality or unbiased opinions. He allows BSL members in his group to attack and continuously harass others and by not maintaining a safe and learning environment for ALL victims his own LACK of action he silently supports the BSL advocates.

Examples of his negative biased and main intention is obvious in many of his ant pit posts such as these-
“We Say No”

“Pit bull Recall”

Fire this officer”


Wife Beater”
And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Now Mr. Phillips is attempting to rename “BSL” to ” PSL” Person Specific Legislation to attempt to soften the impact but make no mistake- his “PSL” is BSL just renamed.

Mr. Phillips states- “I favor the outright ban of pit bulls because of the injuries and deaths they inflict, the problematic people who choose to own them, the abuse they suffer from their owners, the refusal to volunatarily breed the violence out of them, the misinformation spread about them, and the immoral purpose for which they are bred and used.”

With his purposed “PSL” he writes-

1. Ban the breeding or possession of pit bulls.

2. Keep pit bulls (if not banned entirely) and all big, powerful dogs out of the possession of ex-felons. They are not allowed to possess guns so they arm themselves with the most vicious dogs available. That must stop.

3. Require landlords, property owners and the owners of pit bulls (if not banned entirely) banned entirely) and big, powerful dogs to keep them out of places and situations in which they present unacceptable risks (such as daycares and apartment complexes not fully dedicated to dog owners).

4. Require owners of pit bulls (if not banned entirely) and big, powerful dogs to muzzle them on city streets and when other people’s children are present.

5. Require microchipping all dogs and insuring all dog owners, and enact strict liability dog bite statutes so the harm caused by dogs will be paid for by the dog owners and their insurers rather than the victims and taxpayers.

6. Sterilize all dogs except those licensed for breeding purposes.

7. Confiscate dogs of any type from the owners who abuse or neglect them, and from repeat violators of our animal control laws.

8. Require dog safety education in schools. Kids normally don’t receive even one minute of instruction in this despite the fact that getting bitten by a dog is one of the top causes of injuries to children.

9. Give adoptors specific information about breeds. Too many dogs can’t find a stable home because the adoptors had no idea what they were getting into, and soon give away the dog or dump it. This has been especially a problem for pit bulls; adoptions follow adoptions, increasing a dog’s anxiety and therefore the risks it presents.

10. Enact “dangerous dog laws,” leash laws and dog-trespass laws. The dogs that actually do the damage need to be identified, and their owners need direction supported by the force of law.

Criminalize the failure to stop a dog attack. A dog owner must not stand by and watch as a person is mauled.

Although some of those I agree with such as dog safety education and holding owner responsible it’s just pathetic attempt to try to distract from the first statement- BAN THE BREEDING AND POSSESSION OF PIT BULLS.

It makes me wonder- as he brags proudly of his media coverage if they truly know the real face and agenda of Kenneth Phillips. Considering pit bull/bully breed owners range from Hollywood millionaires to a homeless vet- how do these many times influential members of society feel about being labeled and deemed problematic and deviant as Kenneth Phillips promotes?

We should ask them.

4 thoughts on ““PSL”- the new spin on BSL

  1. His entire idea is like a house of cards. He’s upset that owners are not breeding the violence out yet he doesn’t want ownership at all. And would the dog first have to be violent to breed it out. Animal Control should already be removing animals that are neglected and abused, any animal and has nothing to do with Pit ownership. And I wonder if he has ever been in a shelter. The dogs don’t walk in with breed papers so full disclosure to an adopter is impossible. Experts are unable to properly identify mixed breeds let alone shelter workers. And how would anyone know if you’re a drug user or if you’re going to use the dog for immoral purposes. Is this man truly a lawyer? Sounds like a wannabe.


  2. Every time I think the lack of intelligence and the sheer weight of hypocrisy has reached the absolute limit, they surprise me. It must truly suck to be such blackened, small people with tiny, twisted minds.


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