Crunching Numbers

The U.S. population- 320,064,285 people in the US.

In 2013- 32 people were killed by multiple breeds. Now- we know BSL advocates have issue with numbers- but it breaks down to- 0.00001%

You know what brings this up? Yep- BSL Advocacy stupidity.

You can’t argue with the numbers- statistically- death/injuries from firearms surpass dog related fatalities. Hands down. In fact- you have more of a chance dying from heart issues than by a dog.

To really put these numbers in perspective- I created yet ANOTHER chart based on Deaths caused by human actions. 1. Child abuse 2. Drug induced 3. Alcohol induced 4. Suicide 5. Dog bite Fatalities-


And this is the issue I have with BSL advocates spreading fear with false statistics. The reality is- dog bite fatalities- as tragic as they are- are increasingly rare. In fact- a did the same for a total of four years

2012- with a population of 312,800,000 with 38 dog bite fatalities according to Dogsbite org is .00001%

2011- with a population of 310,000,000 with 31 dog bite fatalities according to is .00001%

2010- with a population of 308,745,531 with 33 dog bite fatalities according to is .00001%

In fact- compared to other causes of death- the DBF % is way too small to register on my graph software!

Where is this mass plague like epidemic of pit bulls running the streets and killing off cities? Not one set of numbers support their claim!
If anything- by using THEIR numbers- it has basically stayed the same – so low that it does not register on the software. In four years- not one change.


That’s the thing with numbers- they don’t lie but they do show when people are making sh@t up like BSL advocates.

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