Ladies and gentlemen- MaryAnn Redfern is an idiot. In fact- this woman is beyond help not only is she a murderous coward but she fails at humanity on every level.

I’m not sure how to approach this and keep my anger in check with this topic.
Millions of people have been affected by cancer. Many, such as I, have watched a loved one pass away from cancer. Looking at a loved one diagnosed with terminal cancer and watching them fade right before your eyes is heart wrenching. Watching the person you love fight day in and out to try to fight their cancer. Watching the person you love slip away and knowing you will never see them again because of cancer is something that stays in your heart. Every single day you think about that person, you miss that person, you cry for that person, you live for that person all because cancer took that person from your life.


You know what Maryann “Ara” needs a cure for? Her ignorance. In the United States – 1,660,290 people were diagnosed with some form of cancer in 2013. 580,350 people lost that battle and 589,350 families lost a loved one. 35% of people diagnosed with some form of cancer died. You know what the percentage is that died from DBF (Dog Bite Fatalities)? .00001%.

In one year- cancer stripped the lives of 589,350 mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents and friends. BSL advocates need to stop the comparison game because they not only FAIL epically but they insult millions of people. Cancer needs a cure- Dogs need responsible owners. Big difference.

3 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. At 23, I was diagnosed with a fast spreading lymphoma with a projected survival rate of about 45%.I have always been pretty good a beating bad odds I guess, I am 38 now.
    A few things really stuck with me from going through treatment. One was elderly people in the waiting room waiting to go into the same horrific treatment feeling sorry for me because I was “so young and had a baby, and one on the way” . I mean, I was 23, ya know, still invincible in my own mind! I felt bad for THEM! I mean, what a horrible way for the last chapters of life to be written in people who had gone through so much. (old people stories! )
    I developed a dislike for the term “cancer survivor”. It was not the cancer that seemed to be wearing away at my young invincibility complex, it was the treatment. Personally, I prefer to call me a cancer treatment survivor. 15 years later, I am still sickened by any smell remotely like the inside of a cancer center. I still get that feeling of panic deep down every time I have blood drawn and my T cell count is off. I still remember the second I had the “OMG, I have fu**ing CANCER” realization. I still can feel that moment. I also still can feel the moment I made the choice to beat cancer, and treatment while being poisoned by the radiation that would ultimately allow me life… I remember being sick as heck and saying “no, I will see my kids grow up!”
    Survivor. Someone who lives through something that most likely should have caused death and gets on with life.
    So, aside from being more than a little put off by this callous and ridiculous apples and oranges “comparison”, I am amused by one thing. Cancer SUCKS! Treatment for it SUCKS, but everyday there are millions of survivors. From innocent children to the elderly, they become SURVIVORS!!!
    All these pro BSL types ever talk about is being victims. Always victims.
    To the point that somehow a few stitches, or a cat or dog got attacked is somehow par with a child being killed. These people are sick…


  2. To the person above: you are amazing with incredible strength. I appauld your strength to.survive the cure.

    This was posted a few days ago and my anger was so immediate I knew I had to wait to respond.

    This has got to be the most indiotic, insensitive, callous pit bull comparison yet, and they have had some doozies. To compare a living animal to a horrific disease which eats away at your very flesh is just….it shows major *LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS*. Really….the majority of pit bulls and bully breeds are good dogs who live their entire lives without one single incident, who bring love amd joy to their owners, who are happy just to please you. I.have NEVER heard one single person say anything positive about their personal experience with cancer…NOT ONE.
    In my family we have had one experience with a dog mauling. My cousin’s son was mauled by two dogs when he stepped onto a neighbor’s porch and.disturbed the dogs eating. He was life flighted and barely survived. Neither dog was a pit bull at all but in fact were two labs.
    My families experience with cancer…..My father: lost to lung cancer(57), my favorite male cousin: lung cancer(32) from asbestos exposure while in the Navy, my maternal grandmother (80), 1 uncle on my mother’s side but at this time my mother’s last surviving brother is losing the battle, 2 uncles on my father’s side. I also have 2 Aunts, 1 maternal 1 paternal, who have faced the diagnosis of breast cancer and survived the cure. At this time another aunt is battling mesotheleoma (I’m sure I am not.spelling that rigbt) and has survived the treatment. He husband had a recent cout with a cancerous spot on his nose but it has not spread.
    Do you see the difference MaryAnn?? Do you?? Dog attacks are rare and can almost always be traced back to negligent irresponsible owners or circumstances. Cancer doesn’t give a damn who you are, how responsible you are or anything about you. You can try and be as healthy as possible and could still get it. Yes some cancer can be traced back to behaviors, bad habits…but not all. Cancer affects probably every single person in the world at some point in their life. People die every single day from cancer related complications. You are.a miserable person who has no damn clue and obviously no grasp on reality. You are a f**king heartless, callous idiot.


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