Chomping at the Bit-

Let’s welcome 2015!!! Super excited about this year but I’m no where near as excited as our collective group of morons over at They are chomping at the bit just gearing up and praying for dog attacks!

Two stories- in two different states reported by the media has the on #DOGBITE FATALITY WATCH which has the “experts” of DBO crawling out from under their rocks to start breed identification without officially knowing what the breeds are.

Ready for the first story?


“Initially officials said 38 dogs were captured on the property during a search warrant, but a recount determined 40 were living in unsanitary conditions at the home. The mixed breeds of canines range from small to large.”

6 dogs out 40 dogs- in horrific conditions: “”Dog bones found on the property, just the conditions were pretty bad because the feces the lack of food and we could just tell it was a serious situation,” said Rodriguez.”

Oh- but that’s not even a concern to members.

Who is being coy? They stated- (Pay attention DBO) “Mixed breeds of canine breeds from large to small.” Further more- what the f@ck does this have to do with the pit bull image? Sounds more like a hoarding issue and those usually have some sort of tragic ending for the animals and humans.

Breed identification via the media- you would think DBO dog members would be like highly paid professionals but alas….

The white one for sure, right?

How about this one? Oh wait- it gets better:

::::sigh:::: Where is this stated this a dog fighting ring? I don’t know about you but the media never fails to point out when it is a dog fighting ring.

Nope- sorry. Don’t see any blood Helga.

Jesus- will someone help Olivia?

Alright- on the the next story:

“Story posted Jan. 4, 2014 Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating the death of a woman who was found unclothed and outside in the town of Presque Isle, but Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath said he does not believe the public is in danger.”
Dog tracks- yet no blood (which there would tons of if it was a dog mauling.. And since the body was laying in snow- it would defiantly stand out.)

But this doesn’t our bumbling morons led by Colleen Lynn from speculating:

Uh- maybe because there where no actual dog bites?

Where in the report does it say a wild pit bull pack?!? This is exactly a perfect example of making sh@t up as they go.

Again- no breed mentioned what so ever yet- it goes right to the pit bull nonsense.

Who’s shocked? Now the truth of what really happened- “The marks and injuries on her body were done after she died, apparently by a “pretty good sized” black Labrador she was familiar with, Fath said. “It is believed that a dog that the victim was escorting home may have attempted to move, drag or wake the victim and in doing so tugged at clothing causing them to tear or rip away.”
Now- you want to know WHY no mention of bites?

“”There were no marks on the body itself,” said Jungck. “It was just all the clothing was tattered and ripped and was off to the side of her.”- Mr. Jungck (the Fiancée)

Great start the New Years Can’t wait to see even more stupidity.

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