Where is da’ money?

Okay- I really have to thank the evil geniuses behind “Pit bull Einstien“.

I was curious when they shared this post-

Well HECK YEAH I want to learn about the the non profit organization that is openly biased created by a woman with a desire for revenge to help better society!

Alrighty, let’s see what we find! After logging in and doing a simple search- guess what pops up?

Let’s start with the basic info-

I mean- we all know if it can’t be turned into a pit bull- we know Colleen doesn’t care!

Rollin’ in that dough isn’t she? An awful lot of expenses- but for what? Her apartment rent? A new bike?

What services? Exactly- what legitimate services does Colleen Lynn offer but biased statistics? Creating websites such as Daxton’s Friends? Spreading hate and fear? Bumbling media reports?


Caress Garten-

A little info-
And the infamous Carol Miller.
Some info here- and here

Now- we know what fuels DBO and we know Colleen Lynn demands 100% cult like loyalty and we have seen what happens when you don’t follow her cult. Ask Eve- Colleen Lynn and her culties gang banged her right of her job due to their paranoia.



So many questions pertaining to DBO- and now Daxton’s Friends is following suit. Shady with no issue twisting the truth and scamming the public for money.

Wonder what the 2014 numbers will say. Curious? Me too.

4 thoughts on “Where is da’ money?

      1. Yep always begging for this good cause or that. …. I’ve even seen one of my lot begging for bids on a tea towel to raise cash for a dog that had died a week before? ???


  1. Hahaha….how freaking fantabulous is this!!! Looks like Eve is finally smartening up….(maybe)..lol But anywhoooo….this is so right on the money…the only reason most of them join, is because they want money. And when Crazeen doesn’t deliver, they hopefully will all boot her arse to the curb…lol And hopefully the other “fake” canine site, will also go down in flames…


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