Ramblings of the Ignorant

Open mouth and insert foot. I swear that ability must be mandatory when it comes to Dogsbite.org cult members.

Time and time again they compare the situations that results in tragedies. I’m never sure WHY they do this because statistically it makes them look even more rabid- but since they do, I enjoy pointing out their ignorance and lack of common sense.


Now- what has Lisa’s undies twisted up her tush? This video. Personally, myself- It made me nervous HOWEVER– I’m a complete stranger who has no clue about that family. Obviously the dogs seem well trained, the child is not scared and the family is right there. After reading many of the DBF regarding children, I’m finding that those poor children were not supervised, the dogs had aggression, new to the family or running loose. It’s obvious in this video none of that applies.

But that doesn’t stop Lisa from frothing like a rabid dog. I mean, really Lisa? Did you know drownings are the second leading cause of deaths for children from the ages 1-14 AND that drowning is the 6th leading cause of death of all ages? Guess what’s not? Dogs.

Russian Roulette ? ::::sigh::: Taking a gun- putting one bullet into it and taking the chance is no where near a child being around dogs with parent supervision. In fact, just recently a young man lost his life to RR.

Read about it here-


Chicken?? Who the f@ck let’s their kid play chicken? Although the probability of being killed playing chicken is like a million times higher than that child being killed by her dogs. In fact- statistically it’s like 1 in a million.

OMG– she just gets more ignorant. The probability of DEATH (not mention all of that being illegal) is still HIGHER than that SUPERVISED CHILD being attacked AND killed by those dogs. In fact- we know she’s more upset about the breed of dog the family has. Cuz- it’s alright if the bully breeds were replaced by golden retrievers.

‘Cuz a Golden Retriever has never bitten or killed a child – right?
“The unfortunate attack comes after an eerily similar incident in the household last April, when 2-month-old Aiden, who was sitting in an infant swing while his father Quintin McGrew slept in a nearby bedroom, was dismembered and killed by the family’s golden retriever-Labrador mix Lucky.”


Any smidgen of credibly goes right out the old pooper once BSL advocates starts with the whole “normal dog” nonsense. If anything – pit bulls, pit types and bully breeds have something just a little extra because many HAVE been chained, caged, starved, no socialization, sometimes not even a human touch, starved,beaten, tortured, tormented and HAVE NEVER HURT A SOUL after being rescued.

Every breed of dog is normal. They all have different needs, expectations and jobs but they are all normal- and so called “normal” breeds have attacked and killed. Irresponsible ownership and negligence isn’t breed specific. Ask Susui Iwiki or a couple of people who cost their child’s life because of negligent behavior. You know who they are- they are the people who want everyone else to pay for their failure.

Lisa- make up your mind. What lie do you want the public to believe? Can you or can you not identify a pit bull and if pit bull fatalities and attacks are such an epidemic how is under reporting a issue? If there are no confirmed attacks- does that mean you are pulling statistics out of your ass? Yeah… I thought so.

You know- Sometimes old advice is good- “It’s better to stay silent and be thought a fool than open your mouth and wipe away all doubt.Her and fellow DBO members should take their own advice.

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