If you are a parent/caregiver that leaves your young children alone with a dog PAY ATTENTION because this post is directed right at you.

If YOU leave your child alone with a dog and YOUR CHILD gets bit, injured or God Forbid- killed: it’s YOUR fault. I’m not going to sugar coat it folks- children are getting hurt/killed and dogs are dying because parents are being dumbasses.

Time & time again I see glimpses of stupidity and it’s like these morons are handing out innocent dogs to BSL advocates on a silver platter.


OF COURSE THE PARENTS ARE NOT IN F@CKING ROOM. I mean- Even though it’s irresponsible AND they know it’s irresponsible but it makes PERFECT sense to do it anyways.

This is what’s wrong. Come on. COME THE F@CK ON. This is 2015. There is no more excuses. It’s not the dog, it’s not the child, it’s not a bone, it’s not a million other things- it’s negligence and irresponsibility. Because of this- a child is injured and a dog will probably lose his life. This 3 year old child will lose his friend, his pet because someone couldn’t do something as simple as watch their precious child with their dog.

You know- so many are fighting. Fighting to protect innocent dogs that are being judged, banned and KILLED because of irresponsible owners. Things need to change. Things have to change.

Dr. Suess says it best:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

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