WTF Friday

“A woman in South Oakland, PA was trying to do a good thing by inviting a homeless female, only identified by police as Jane Doe, who said she was four months pregnant, into her home for a shower and warm meal.

According to police, the two met inside a nearby Rite Aid store. Jane Doe explained that she was homeless, four months pregnant and had nowhere warm to sleep. The Good Samaritan invited Jane Doe to come back to her house. Jane Doe showered, ate and all seemed well until…around 3 am, when the homeowner came downstairs looking for her pit bull and found Jane Doe having sex with the dog.

Upon the disturbing discovery, the homeowner demanded Jane Doe leave the house.

Not wanting to depart her new digs, Jane Doe went into a rage, throwing a five-pound dumbbell through a glass storm door, in addition to breaking some flower pots and garden lights.

Jane Doe was arrested and charged with sexual intercourse with an animal, criminal mischief and defiant trespass.”

Read the weird story here-

First off- where did Baker find this?! Well, what probably happened is Baker sat at his computer googling pit bulls & sex until he found this disgusting story. With typical Foamer classless perverted fashion they share it on a page that’s titled – “Protect Children from pit bulls and other dangerous dogs”. Makes sense- right?

But we know how BSL advocates are- it’s HILARIOUS when a pit bull is killed or abused. In this case- sexually assaulted.

Yes, what else? Did the pit bull spike the drink with a date rape drug to take advantage of the homeless woman?

These people want to be in YOUR home. To be around YOUR children. To make decisions for YOU.

But that’s the pit bull’s fault- right?

I don’t understand how these people don’t see just insane each other are?

Oh yeah Mary/Ali- totally the owner & dog’s fault some crazy woman raped her dog. Mary/Ali should stick to what she does best- pounding back the booze in her little liquor store in Missouri.

*This “WTF” moment is brought to you by Dennis Baker & his fellow morons.

6 thoughts on “WTF Friday

  1. Hahaha….figures that disgusting pos D-man would be the original one to post this. They are all obsessed with beastilaty. I can just seem his smarmy drooling person on the computer, getting a kick out of reading this story. Ewwwwww….And they say pit owners are scum, a pos….they better think again.


  2. Jesus Christ! Where were these “beastiality” experts when there was a MAN arrested for rape of his terrier mix not a pit. I saw the picture of the dog, a small white terrier. Or when a Pibble had to be put down because she had been raped so much they could repair the damage. Now I know this make you POS happy, but just like one of you, your daughter, wife etc doesn’t “ask for it” neither did these dogs. You “Christians” should retest about creation and the love for all creature.


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