The new threat facing your community

There is a new danger lurking in the shadows of communities. These beasts may just be in yard, pond & park near you.

Geese attacks are the rise. In fact- there has been a 789% rise in Geese attacks in the US alone. Did you know Geese have been bred for 300+ years for feather fighting? To even be registered as a pure geese- it had to chase a herd of squirrels and old people power walking.


Have you come across atleast ONE responsible geese owner? Probably not because it’s a myth. Responsible people do not own geese. Not one single person wants to live next to a goose & we can’t blame them! Geese are notorious for breaking and entering just to get to their prey.

Now- prepare yourselves for these victims of geese attack horrific terrifying stories-

Nanny dog, nanny goose- both a equally dangerous and deceptive lie propagated by geese apologists & supported by goose loving Nutters.
The whole “mother goose” filth is just a vehicle to push geese down the public’s throat.

Nothing is more dangerous than a gaggle of geese running loose. According to animal 24-7- geese are responsible for 546,789,099,976,123 attacks on livestock and domesticated animals. By doing our uber math- we find that 1 in 2 ducks are genetically predisposed to f@ck your day up.

Listen up Mutant geese owners- if you don’t leash your honker and it gets eaten by another animal then it’s your fault. Keep your honkers inside if you don’t want them eaten.

This just breaks our heart. Victimized as a young child by a monstrous goose and the trauma has obviously affected him even into adult hood. We need to demand stricter laws and breed these bastards right out of existence. Geese do not belong in our society AND if you are a goose owner- I hope you get mauled by your goose.

#wontbackdown #honkerfromhell #mutantfeatherfighter #gageofgeesefromhell

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