The stupid over flows

Once again-


The dog was not a pit bull of any sorts- but that doesn’t stop these two senile bats from dribbling their usual nonsense.

Will someone please tell Linda to put the pipe down?

Joanna’s daughter needs to throw her crusty tush into a nursing home already. A meth user? OH- you mean the mother shot & killed in front of her son?

FYI- this is the dog-

Even though- the actual heartbreaking part is- this mother was shot & killed in front of her child. Killed. Dead. Never coming back. But we know they don’t care.

One thought on “The stupid over flows

  1. Victims Advocates? In no way shape or form are they evenly remotely a victim’s Advocate. Because they are totallt lacking in the basic human components to offer any type of help. Empathy, Sympathy, Compassion, Caring….anything that involves caring for someone beyond their extreme and dangerous hate for a dog. And they all are so lacking in basice *CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS* Even when having the actual facts right before their face they cannot process it. It does not *fit* their agenda so *that cant be right* and they will lie and skew the story to serve them. So DAMN stupid it makes my head hurt.


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