Tired of being wrong?

Are BSL advocates ever tired of being wrong? I’m guessing not because they keep pulling bullsh@t out of their asses.

Dogs are the number 4 killer of the world? Dogs? Well- someone needs to inform WHO and every government official world wide! Call a press conference! Call someone cause health organizations are ALL WRONG.

According to Sandhira.com the top 10 killers of mankind ARE:

1. Ischaemic Heart Disease: 7 Million Deaths

2. Stroke: 6.2 Million Deaths

3. Diabetes: 3.5 Million Deaths

4. Lower Respiratory Infections: 3.4 Million Deaths

5. COPD: 3.4 Million Deaths

6. Lung Cancer: 2 Million Deaths

7. Diarrheal Diseases: 1.9 Million Deaths

8. HIV/AIDS: 1.63 Million Deaths

9. Road Injury: 1.3 Million Deaths

10. Prematurity: 1.2 Million Deaths

I’m sorry- but nowhere could I find any report or study that supports dogs as the number 4 killer of mankind. Maybe it’s a typo? Maybe they meant to put ” Lower respiratory infections caused by dogs/pit bulls”?

Come on BSL advocates- do you not think that people can easily debunk your nonsense? Sheesh- you act like you are the only ones who know how to google.

One thought on “Tired of being wrong?

  1. That even more stupid than the time D(dumb-man said pit bulls killed more people that the flu. And all those morons liked his post thinking it was true.
    Why are they so stupid? Oh…wait…irrational blinding brain stunting hate….nevermind.


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