Which Witch is good for you?

Sometimes I’m flooded with so many screen captures of sheer stupidity from BSL advocates that I just can’t find the time to show them all. So- I figured I would find my favorite of the week and LOL to end the weekend with a giggle.

Okay- so, according to BSL Advocate and rat rescuer A.J – us pit bull owners are just gosh darn stupid. We be just so ignorant and uneducated that she just can’t understand us-

She’s just so shocked! I mean, we know how “educated” those BSL advocates are. The smartest bartenders,DJ’s and psychics around!

Well- I’m a open minded voter- so, I suppose if there was a witch candidate running for office I’d be okay with it. Although just what kind of witch would it be? What would her platform be?

“I’ll get those pittie owners and their ugly dogs” campaign slogan? Those silly witches.


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