Truth hurts

Type, delete. Type, delete. I think I’ve started this post a couple dozen times and granted- it was sounding great- I just couldn’t seem to really convey the message I wanted to share- so let’s try again!

Hate. Hate and anger is running rampant and unchecked in the pro and anti BSL advocacy. It’s glaringly apparent. Hate and anger fueled by fear, grief and ignorance. Half truths, myths and at times just pure dark vile toxicity. Something the BSL advocacy knows, yet refuses to acknowledge in a public setting, that this fight goes beyond a “breed” of dog. In fact- it’s becoming less and less about the dog and more like a verbal assault on a majority of people.

“Pit scum owners”, “Trailer white trash on welfare”, “I hope they die”
“Cunt”, “Whore”, “Bitch”, “Dyke”, “Faggot”, “Hood rat”, “n@gger bitch”, “Thug”, “sociopath”, “slut”, “don’t all pit owners have sex with their pibbles”, “Where do they live? I want to kill them.”.

(If BSL advocates feel the need to dispute these names, I’m more than happy to share the screenshots- just request via email)

Look- this is going to sound cruel, but it’s the truth and it needs to be told- neither I or millions of others are obligated to care one bit about a man’s tragic loss. I’m not obligated to shoulder the blame for a babysitter’s poor choice. My dog, my family and millions of others do not owe a couple a thing. If I choose to feel any ounce of sympathy towards a stranger it’s because I want too- not because I have too. However, that sympathy only extends so far and tends to evaporate quickly once one starts being attacked because they won’t submit.

I get grief- I know what it feels like to lose a child, just like countless of others. However, only one small group feels the need to blame an entire innocent population for their loss. How does that make sense? If someone lost a child (no matter the age) will they blame the entire population of drivers if it was a drunk driver that killed that child? If a child was killed by their parent, will society blame ALL parents for that crime or the parents of that child?

I suppose by BSL logic- Susan Iwiki and Jeff Borchardt are responsible for the death of my child. They drove drunk, they sold drugs and they drove on suspended licenses. Jeff Borchardt, Susan Iwiki, William Johnson (because he serves booze for a living.), beer/alcohol manufactures, the cartel, drug smugglers, drug dealers, FUBU (for providing the clothes of the intoxicated driver), Nike (for providing the shoes of the intoxicated driver), my job (for making me work late that day), the client ( his homelessness and starvation issues caused be to work late.) the county ( because they paved the road I was on), Ford (because I was driving a mustang when the Toyota hit me) and Toyota ( the car the intoxicated person was driving) ARE all responsible in the world if BSL advocates.

Jeff is semi right- one day a BSL advocate will take it to far- and that day has already came, many times over. But he doesn’t understand why he just drums up so much hate.

I’m not sure why? Maybe stuff like this angers people?

Could it be this stuff that evokes such hate?

How about this?

I’m pretty sure this has to do with it…

And the fact that he wants our dogs to “humanly die out”.

I thought Borchardt was much smarter than this. I mean- it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why they have so much hatred being thrown at them- they throw the hatred out to millions of people.

When- from their own mouths, Borchardt was failed by his friend. His CHOICE of babysitter. I didn’t make the promise to him or Kim- neither did millions of people.

One person did- and that woman was responsible for the death of that child. Media doesn’t lie- right?

We’ve been saying that all along. If your irresponsibility led to the death of a child- even your child- then you do not get a free pass. It’s not is who’s against that- the protest is in the BSL camp.

Piece of advice Borchardt? You don’t want hate and anger coming your way? Stop sending it out. Even a child knows that.

2 thoughts on “Truth hurts

  1. The “big ‘pitbull’ lobby” recommends you include the authors’ names in a text-based format so that the hate-filled bile they spew is uncovered anytime a google background check is run on their names. I realize it’s quite presumptuous of the big “big pitbull lobby” to assume these people have any hope in gainful employment, but, just in case, future employers should be forewarned.


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