10 OMG Fun Foamer Facts

Know your BSL/Foamer Advocate. The sooner you know what exactly you are dealing with- the sooner you realize there is no help for these folks. I mean- I’m a pretty optimistic person, kinda like the glass is half full, just happy there is something in the glass kind of girl. But- I have come to the realization- these people have zero hope for change. Why? Because they feel they are never ever wrong. What’s the incentive for them to change? Nothing. There will always be a DBO quack there to support their skewed belief.

Arguing, debating, basically anything that can be defined as putting together a sound and logical discussion is pointless. They don’t care what you have to say. They don’t care if you have mounds of research to back up your argument. Futile.

Disagreeing in anyway shape or form is highly discouraged and met with hostility. If you decide to be brave and possibly point out one of many of their inconsistencies be prepared for the onslaught of victim blaming/bashing accusations. It does not matter if how hey retell a media story is absolutely different than the actual story- do not point it out. Remember- FACTS ARE NEGOTIABLE.

The less education is better. If anything hours upon hours of good and Wikipedia makes up for any college education whatsoever. An example: Daxton’s Friends- a website compiled of data courtesy of Wikipedia. The brain behind this “educational” website that serves no educational purpose is a 40 year old DJ who spins it out at the local bar. HOWEVER– he proudly proclaims he is the leading excerpt of all things pit bulls. Zero medical, veterinarian, in fact- nothing beyond a high school diploma- but he is now considered a dog expert- by himself.

” Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get them peepers?
Oh, those weepers, how they hypnotize
Where did ya get those, golly where’d ya get those?
Where did ya get them, these eyes?”

HAH! I had too. When I think of BSL advocates creeping on FB pages- including victims- it reminds me of that horror movie Jeepers Creepers form 2001.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some looked just like that.

Being offended is mandatory in the BSL crowd. Not killing your dog? They are offended. They don’t get to kill your dog? Offended. Your dog didn’t maul you? OFFENDED they are.

How dare anyone get mad at someone saying they have images of your children, your house, you, your dog and many many others? Just who do you think you are…. You better let those BSL advocates call you a slut,whore, cunt, bitch, murderer… ect.

“OMG Becky- just look at her butt….” LOL – seriously. “Oh yeah? Well- you like Big Macs.”- no… Get it right. Cupcakes. Sprinkles cupcakes. There chocolate peanut butter preferably- but their margarita one comes in close second.

Don’t be jealous. These are mine & I don’t share with BSL advocates.

It sounds confusing right? Is it you, is it me? Who is it? Are you confused? I’m confused now.

Exactly. Spend a year spouting about how you love and forgive the woman who killed your son- it’s totally not her fault but than throw her under the bus in a gossip magazine for some money, money, money!

That’s not hard right? Who cares if you don’t know ’em. Blame those buggers anyhow! Late for dinner? Blame pit bull owners. Lose your job? Those GD pit bull owners. Choke on a cheerio? Oh that’s totally Nancy from ColoRADo dogs fault. Get a ticket? That darn Kristy Graham’s fault… No job? Totally Kimberly Stojakovic’s fault.

See how this works?

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