Don’t you dare bash those Breeders!

Don’t you dare bash breeders except for pit bull breeders!

Yeah darn it. Those dastardly pit bulls. Scums those owners and all breeders of those mutant land sharks are ( well- some are scum..)- but don’t you compare them to the perfect, respective breeders of ALL the other breeds. They deserve medals god damn it! Let’s bask in their hands work:

Oh yeeeaah…. Totally better?

Give that breeder a medal! Now you know what dog to get if you don’t want it to do anything except rack up vet bills. Not only do they die at a young age but the poor bastard can’t even hump a pillow without help.

Congrats! You’ve bred the work right out of this working dog.

Prize-winning cavalier King Charles spaniel suffering from syringomyelia, a condition which occurs when a dog’s skull is too small for its brain.

Those great breeders- I won’t even mention what Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders in the UK do- I’ll let you read about that.

Look- there are respectable breeders of all breeds out there- including pit bull/bully breeds and their are horrible breeders. However- if you look at the progression of breeds very few have actually stayed almost the same.


Either way- I’m happy with my mutt, except for his gas. That I wish could have been bred out. His stinky gas.

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