Who Killed Common Sense?

Common sense. Someone slaughtered it. Turn on the news, turn on your computer, check your Facebook- someone is murdering common sense daily and 9 out of 10 times it’s BSL Advocates.

Dogs left out on chains. It’s something all too common during the winter time and even during the 112 degree cool summer days here in Arizona.

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study, chained dogs are nearly three times as likely to attack as dogs who are not tethered, and the more frequently, and longer the period of time a dog is chained, the more likely they are to attack a human.

But- you know those uber smart BSL advocates, it’s a whole lot better to keep those darn dogs chained up.

Well- even though statistically, more children are mauled or killed by chained dogs than dogs running loose.

Now- I rarely ever agree with Clifton, but he is correct: chaining dogs are not preventing maulings. The case of Mickey the dog and Kevin in Phoenix is a great example. That dog was chained yet still mauled a child. In fact- there is a website dedicated to stopping the chaining of dogs: Mothers against chained dogs because they know the probability of a mauling increase once you have a chained dog in the vicinity.

Butchering common sense in action. There is a plethora of information to prevent dog attacks. In fact- Google or ask Siri to find data on “preventing dog attacks.”

And if you need visual assistance-

Statistics show that chained dogs are far more dangerous than the average house dog and any mauling is never acceptable especially when it could be prevented.

As a mother, chained dogs terrify me. Why? Because common sense tells me- that a dog chained for long periods of time, left alone, unsocialized will be frustrated, scared, aggressive and will work itself up into a frenzy because it has absolutely no where to go. Common sense tells me- any child running, squealing and mKing loud noise near a large chained dog is a ticking time bomb.

Common sense: pit bulls are dogs. They are not some genetically designed killing machine that defies all dog laws. If anything- there are more well trained pit type dogs than the untrained pit type dog. I would dare DBO to show me statistics that show there are not. With successful groups like Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Ownership that has multiple chapters through the greater Los Angeles area. Then there is the award winning BAD RAP training programs in the Bay Area, Canine solutions , Beyond the Dog and thousands of others.

By making broad sweeping generalizations of a breed of dog always cause BSL advocates to fail epically – which is great for us. Every time they do- it allows us to prove them wrong each and everytime. Some pit type dogs do not retreat, yet many do. Some pits are dog aggressive, some are not. Some pit type dogs are athletic and some are lazy couch potatoes. Some are stubborn and some are not. Common sense tells you- the possibilities are never absolute– which makes pit bulls no different than any dog. Common sense tells you- larger breeds will always cause more damage in a bite than small dogs. Common sense and statistics tell us: chained dogs can be and has proven to be dangerous.

A small sample of children brutally mauled or killed by chained dogs of multiple breeds.

Well- as much as I dislike Lisa- it’s about time one of those quacks actual use their last working brain cell to actually acknowledge that humans set dogs up for failure. That humans set up the environment for increased risks of dog attacks. That dog attacks and many DBF’s are preventable– whether she wanted to or not.

Guess you can’t hide the truth- no matter how hard they try.

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