Pit Bulls everywhere!

Pit bulls, pit bulls everywhere! Even if pit bulls are not even mentioned or part of a incident- folks over in the BSL camp can’t help but make it a pit bull issue.

” “A pack of hunting dogs came into the camp and attacked my dogs, almost killed my dogs, bit me a couple of times while I was trying to protect them,” recalled Anderson, an Ohio resident who at the time was camping in the Snowbird Wilderness Area in Nantahala National Forest.”

A horrible tragedy and obviously traumatic – yet somehow it becomes a pit bull issue. Sharon Yildez, board member of Daxton’s Friends can’t help herself: “I know that hogs these days are almost exclusively hunted by pit bulls and occasionally a terrier. I wonder if pit bulls are also used to hunt bear. So terrible what happened. This woman should have got a $1 million settlement from the hunters, IMO.”

How did this story become a pit bull story? Well- because no other breed of dog are bound dogs so according to BSL logic- it has to be a rabid pack of pit bulls. Of course Mrs. Chain all pit bulls herself had to put her two cents in: “Lesson ? Don’t hike with your dogs without something to defend them with. You aren’t even safe from man made mutants in the wilderness :(“ man made mutants? Like these awesome ones?


Or more like the mutant Blob?


For Christ sake people- everything is not all about pit bulls.

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