The Threat to Humanity

Humanity. It’s a fragile existence on a planet that has one million ways to kill you.

However, according to BSL advocates- you know what’s a bigger threat to humanity than floods,tornadoes, earthquakes, homicide, smog, global warming, genocides, drugs and war? Pit bulls.


Existential risks are those that threaten the entire future of humanity- and contrary to BSL beliefs, I’ve yet to find one theory that includes pit bulls.

I found nuclear holocaust, the “fermi paradox” ( The “Fermi paradox” is the lack of observation of any extraterrestrial life; this paper explores connection to existential risk. ), catastrophic climate change- wait, this chart might make it easier:

I’m sorry- but pit bulls have yet to make it in the list as a threat to humanity.

1. Poverty is pandemic. 5 billion people live in poverty globally. 5 billion people? Is that caused by pit bulls?

2. Infectious Disease without borders kills leaders and wealthy, prevention critical, low-cost medicine works. Let me guess- pit bulls are walking disease factories?

3. Environmental Degradation is poisoning air, water, and land while also accelerating. Although maybe farts from a million pit bulls are contributing to this? Not sure…

4. Inter-State Conflict is made possible by UN Security Council members who sell the guns instead of banning exports. Those blasted pit bulls- selling grenade launchers to the Polish?

5. Civil War is a manifestation of corruption. Well, you know those political pit bulls…

6. Genocide coincides with resource scarcity and lifetimes of mutual hatreds. Yes, yes- somehow a pit bull will supposedly be involved.

7. Other Atrocities include child and adult slavery and prostitution, “by name” kidnapping of movie starlets and girls that catch a wealthy foreign predator’s eye, and murder for body parts. It’s those pit bulls Rollin’ in pinto’s pimping Great Danes?

8. Proliferation, defined as Nuclear, Radiological, Biological, & Chemical (NRBC). I read somewhere a pit bull invented the first nuke.

9. Terrorism is a tactic, not a threat. Well, according to pit bulls were somehow involved in the Boston marathon bombing.

10. Transnational Crime is seriously under-estimated. It is at least $2 trillion a year. It includes the Mafia, the Vatican, Wall Street, and elements of the US Government entwined. Drug cash is Wall Street’s liquidity. All secretly ran by the pit bull mafia?

Raechel should stick with her YouTube singing videos although- who the f@ck is watching her kids while she takes a billion selfies a day? BSL advocates neglecting their kids daily.

One thought on “The Threat to Humanity

  1. She has to be one of the most illogical bsl advocates yet!!!! AND she obviously thinks she is intelligent…lol. Such a huge lack of critical thinking skills. Why exaggerate a situation to the point of making yourself look moronic?


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