A Missing Dog & Propaganda

A missing pet is always upsetting and sometimes traumatic event in a families lives. True to form- BSL advocates crawl out from under their rocks to once again show their interest has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” the general public but with torture, abuse and killing dogs based on breed alone.

Everyone- let’s meet Julie. Julie is a proud BSL advocate residing in Nebraska. FYI- if you know or are neighbors with this woman, please keep a eye on your pets.

Alright- so a family posted a flyer and info about their American Bulldog:

Predictable and true to form-BSL advocates can not help showing their true colors.

How many times do we hear Jeff Borchardt claim he’s not one for supporting cruel and inhumane treatment of these dogs ( just exterminate them…) and to let them die out? Well, he obviously supports these views considering he is the creator and active admin of the group this was posted in. Not to mention at least 3 board members including the creator of Daxton’s Friends supporting these type of beliefs within their groups.

Daxton’s Friends also supports this comment-

This pseudo “non profit” foundation supports promoting violence towards dogs based on breeds and allows members to openly boast about ways to kill this missing dog.

“A corporation or an association that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive.”
I’m curious- what benefit does Daxton’s Friends offer the general public other than promoting violence and animal abuse via their internal private groups? This is the message they feel is a benefit to the public?

Now- we know the founder of Daxton’s friends will cry, whine and throw a hissy fit about how he feels he is so hounded but the truth is- one does not create pages and groups with the sole purpose of promoting abuse towards dogs based on breed unless he feels that this is acceptable. The founder and board members of Daxton’s Friends not only approve of these type of conversations via a public forum they promote them by continuing and feeding these type of violent conversations.

“The activities of nonprofit corporations are regulated more strictly than the activities of other corporations. Nonprofit corporations cannot contribute to political campaigns, and they cannot engage in a substantial amount of legislative Lobbying.”- and we all know Daxton’s Friends is knee deep in lobbying which is shown by their actions in Aurora Colorado.

Daxton’s Friends first publication to lobby for the continuing of a pit bull ban.

“Denver Post advertising and sales director Carla Royter eventually agreed to publish the last two ads for which Daxton’s Friends had already paid, “adding language that identified them with political advertising.”

What is lobbying?

  1. To try to influence the thinking of legislators or other public officials for or against a specific cause.

    lobbying for stronger environmental safeguards; lobbied against the proliferation of nuclear arms.

  2. To try to influence public officials on behalf of or against (proposed legislation, for example).

    lobbied the bill through Congress; lobbied the bill to a negative vote.

  3. To try to influence (an official) to take a desired action

Oh- you mean like this? Like this?

“We are dedicated to bringing knowledge and awareness to the public about the importance of knowing dog breeds and their relationships to humans, as well as issues of safety regarding their care, maintenance, and selection. We aim to serve as a resource for healthy pet ownership, and to advocate for public safety related to canines. Having applied for our 501(c)(3) status, we are excited to be commencing our preparations for our Launch Party and Fundraising Event next month. With an ambitious goal of hosting over 50 guests, public officials, and representatives from the media, we are excited to be able to share information about our mission and future plans.”

Daxton’s Friends needs to be honest with the public about their over all intention. They need to explain to THE PUBLIC why their founding board member Jeff Borchardt and fellow board members are part of a community of hate pages via facebook and twitter.

Partial list of social media pages via Facebook Daxton’s Friends support:

There is no question who supports, encourages and promotes pages filled with hate, abuse, threats and bragging of animal abuse and stalking-

PicMonkey Collage

Daxton’s Friends- the public face of promoting hate and all in the name of a child killed by a babysitter.

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