Daxton’s Friends Founding Board Members War on Women

Jeff Borchardt & Board members have never hidden their war on female pit bull, pit type owners and they are upping their attacks daily.

According to Daxton’s Friends founders- the majority of pit bull owners are childless women, childless lesbian butch dykes, whores and sluts.

After stalking Karen Delise via Twitter – the founders of Daxton’s friends finds it offensive that a woman speaks out against msyoginic comments from the controversial Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately- Ms. Delise is not the first nor last case of degrading and msyoginic attacks. In fact- Mr. Borchardt, the founding Board member of Daxton’s friends continuously supports, advocates and solicited information of female pit bull owners with the sole purpose to scare, harass and stalk into silence.

Now- this is where truth shoots Daxton’s verbal onslaughts right in the ass. According to Daxton’s Friends, the majority of pit type dog owners are childless women owners. However, it seems the opposite. Millions of women, such as myself are mothers. Millions of women like myself are mothers and owners of pit type dogs. It is women like myself that Daxton’s Friends is supposedly wanting “educate” about the dangers of our dogs.

From the mouth of Jeff Borchardt and Creater of Daxton’s Friends-

Basically- if we shut up, don’t speak out, fight against him, kill our dogs and let him force his way into our lives than we deserve to be stalked and harassed. Jeff Borchardt- verbally raping women daily and acknowledges it proudly.

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