Fair Weather Friends

Friendships among Foamers only last so long- usually until they turn on each other, which history has shown happens early into the relationship. Especially if you dare question Jeff aka “Jesus” and poor Ryan McCabe learned the hard way.

A simple question. All Jeff had to do was say “yes” or “no”-but we know how Jeff avoids answering anything and let’s his minions fight his battles for him. What was the question, you ask?

“I simply asked Jeff on his post if he indeed told a female to have a pit bull lick peanut butter off her vagina. Jeff never responded, but Christy attacked me for asking the question. Apparently, you don’t question Jeff or call him out on anything.”

Uh oh Ryan. Didn’t you read the DBO/Foamer rule book that Colleen and Jeff hand out after joining their group of morons? Never ever EVER question them.

Now- thanks to Ryan having a brain and the ability to question disturbing behavior- he is a marked man.

Now- “hating on Jeff/William” means he dared ask Jeff to explain his perverse comment. Now- could Ryan be the master mind behind the notorious Pit Bull Einstein? The page that went rogue and refused to bend over and let Colleen and Jeff have their way with them?

Well, according to his former friend- Ryan just is not clever enough.

See, that’s what I love about Christy, the blind, delusional little sheep that has her head right up Jeff’s glorious ass- she is wrong like 99.99999% of the time. Now, what I do know about Ryan is- he would be clever enough and he doesn’t play favorites.

Just emphasize it’s funny “they” crticize pit bull advocates for being immature and “trashy”, but it’s okay for them to say vile things as Jeff stated. It’s hypocritical.”– oh I totally agree with Ryan. But, when one’s claim to fame is the forever victims with a bunch of twats worshipping you- being a hypocrite is just part of the package.

Of course, Ryan has said some pretty gross stuff- but one thing I actually respect about him is- he stands behind what he says & he’s not above poking fun at himself. BUT- the one thing above all of that is he just doesn’t give a shit. “And because I disagree with that, I’m unpopular. This is the impression I get: Jeff is the master of a cult. You obey him.”

I suppose- Ryan McCabe is the only one in that circle that had a set of balls. Guess Willy Billy, Jeff and the other sewer rats were just jealous.

Plus- it didn’t hurt that his dog Onyx was freaking hoot to use when making meme’s… With his permission of course.

“I don’t play favorites & I’m different.”

– and that’s why he’s my favorite frenemy.


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