Act 2

One of the best words used to describe BSL advocates would be: HYPOCRITE.

HYPOCRITE: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs

I was sent a rather humorous screen shot that kind of puts it all into perspective:

Now- this comment was directed towards a rescue that has been continuously harassed by the founding Board member of Daxton’s friends and his cult members- but oh the irony.

Let’s ask Jeff Borchardt- the founding Board member of Daxton’s Friends. Hi Jeff- I know how familiar you are with harassing, attacking and bullying while you hide behind your pending non profit status- how does that working for you? Obviously very well.

His continuous unprovoked personal attacks are nonstop and he feels that he has the justified right to attack strangers and asking him to stop just makes him stoop to a lower and pathetic new level.

He makes it a point to encourage the members of his groups and pages to search out personal information on his victims to stalk and harass them in person.

His obsession with his ever growing list of strangers that have nothing to do with his son’s death is becoming dangerous. Even after multiple attempts from his victims to ask him to please leave them alone- the founding board member Jeff Borchardt refuses and mocks his victims.

“Just remember that they are threats…” but keep doing it.

Even if a victim of a dog attack asks him to take down images of her- he refuses and launches a social media attack on her and her family. He likes to see just how far he can go before Facebook slaps his hands not stopping because it is ethically and morally wrong for the founding board member of a pseudo educational non profit group to encourage and participate in cyber bullying and stalking.

Even to the point that people, foundations and rescues have had to block him just so they don’t have to deal with his constant harassment at all hours.

Again- encouraging further harassment.

Jeff Borchardt is a fraud and so is his “non profit foundation”. This man and his cult like followers are so dangerous and obsessive that it doesn’t take much to feel his wrath.

The only thing that victim of Jeff Borchardt did was to point out that Jeff is a grown ass man that needs to man the f@ck up and start taking responsibility for his actions- but we know that will never happen and why should it? He has sheep that tell him whatever he say’s or does is okay because he’s “grieving”.

“As far as Jeff you continuing to bring up Jeff to me, I already explained to you that I am AWARE of the situation, so let me go one step further and say I am at peace with what happened BECAUSE JEFF HAS ALREADY EXPLAINED WHAT HAPPENED. “
– yes, we’ve heard all of Jeff’s excuses. He said it in anger, grief, he was drunk, high, breathing, walking, talking, working, not working, crying, yelling, tired from staying up all night tweeting a woman he doesn’t know and telling her what a POS she is…

He’s got a excuse for everything & no one is safe- including children.


The founder of Daxton’s Friends doesn’t care how he achieves his fame- it can be at the cost of millions of people and dogs.

Are you ready for Jeff’s act 2?

2 thoughts on “Act 2

  1. Deeply bizarre stuff. Can you even imagine if everyone responded to tragedy like this?

    This guy needs to spend a minute to work on himself – it’s painful to watch.


  2. And everyone in the Pit Bull Prop group, are all so into sex with dogs, that is all they can talk about…they are all so twisted….yuck…


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