It begins

Brooksville – Little Declin Moss loved to play outdoors. At just 18-months-old, he frolicked around the yard and enjoyed being outside in his rural Brooksville neighborhood. The toddler’s grandfather ran outside and witnessed a horrifying sight around 11 a.m. – two snarling, barking dogs mauling his grandson.

Shorey admits that while the dogs never hurt any children or adults, the pets were dangerous to other animals. In fact, he told News Channel 8 that Max and Thumper have killed smaller dogs in the past. Read the heart breaking story here-

This woman lost her child. What has this woman done to earn the victim bashing from and Daxton’s Friend supporters and BSL advocates? She didn’t say that multiple breeds of dogs are mutant spawns from hell. This is one of my biggest issues with these fake victims advocacies. They select “victims” that will only further their agenda and terrorize the victims that does not play their twisted game of manipulation.

This woman has lost her child and now she has to deal with the judgmental hypocrites from and make no mistake- they are stalking her Facebook as we speak.

Not only will this woman’s life be ripped apart even further by the harassment and abuse from DBO & Daxton’s Friends supporters- her friends and family will be attacked also. Sadly, the attacks have begun and leading the way is Colleen Lynn, the founder and writer for


After reading the open invitation from Colleen Lynn – BSL advocates waste no time slinging mud towards the grieving mother.

How would the family be horrible? According to the media – this single mother worked hard and cherished her son. No where in the media does it state the Grandfather treated his grandson terribly. So- please do tell how this grieving family was terrible?

No- it doesn’t make sense, you twit.

This mother didn’t defend the two dogs that killed her child. Somehow- in her grief she decided that the two innocent dog out of the four that they had should not be held responsible for the actions of two dogs. That millions of dogs did not kill her child. Two did. I would have to say that mother loves that child so much that she refuses to let hate groups like and Daxton’s Friends use her tragedy to further their cause.

If you stick around long enough- the truth gets spoken. They don’t truly care about the family. It’s about what can that grieving family do for THEM.


“They make it a rule to eat their young..”
Now that’s great victims advocacy from a group that proclaims victim advocacy as their sole purpose.

Victim bashing…

Oh wait- isn’t this what Jeff Borchardt whines about?

So sorry for your loss but…

So now the grieving mother has a mental disorder? Unfortunately we know the barrage of harassment and cruel remarks has just begun. Instead of letting this family grieve, to come to the terms of a horrific loss they want to keep attacking this family.

I don’t care what the breed is- but any dog attacking and killing a family member feels like a sense of betrayal and the family grieves not just for the child but for the pet that they have grown up with- the very same pet that they formed a bond with. I totally get that BSL advocates can’t understand this because the majority of them have zero sense of healthy relationships and are consumed with so much hate that they can’t react with anything BUT hate. I apologize for them because I know they will never be capable to apologize for their own cruelty.

Dear Moss Family,

My heart breaks for you. As a mother to an almost two year old- I can not imagine the unbearable pain you must be in.

I want to be the first the apologize for the assholes that are heading your way. I’m sorry that these cruel people will rip apart your lives with the sole intent on humiliating you – all in the name of their advocacy of BSL. I wish I could say that they would stop but I won’t lie to you.

My hope for you is that you find strength in your family, your God, your friends, in strangers who grieve with you but most of all- in the love of your son. I hope that you are allowed to grieve without having to battle morons that want to use your tragedy and grief as a weapon. I hope that one day, you have the ability to heal in a healthy way.

I know as mother, the guilt we carry when something happens to our children is heavy but from one mother to another- I can say: let go of the guilt and focus on memories. Focus on his laughter, his excitement when his favorite show comes on, the warmth of him as he falls asleep on you- because it’s those memories that will always be with you throughout your life.

From one mother to another- grieve for the beautiful life lost but celebrate the life that showed you what true, unconditional love really was.

My sympathy-

The Stojakovic Family

* a GoFundMe Account has been set up to help support this family. Let’s help this family.

2 thoughts on “It begins

  1. From another mother to another, I am so very sorry for your loss. Stay strong in your beliefs, hold tight to family and friends. They will guide you and give you strength. May time and memories bring you peace.


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