An Open Letter to BSL Advocates

Stop pretending. Stop pretending you fight for the “voiceless”, the “innocent”, for “society” because your behavior and actions are showing how you are NOT advocating for any of that.

2015/01/img_6382.jpg Basically, what I am saying is: you are full of shit. I’m done attempting not to completely point out what scum sucking POS you guys are- because you don’t deserve that slight sliver of kindness that I showed you.

2015/01/img_6384.jpg You might want to grab some towels because your toxic vile ooze is leaving a disgusting stain on our communities.

2015/01/img_6385.jpg Nobody wants to partake in your pity parties nor will anyone even acknowledge you self labeled “victim” status. No one cares about your pathetic whining about being “hounded” and everyone is catching onto to your sick little BSL games. For some reason- you honestly think it affects me if you get offended, upset, irate or irritable at what I write- because no one reads it anyways- riiiiiight?

2015/01/img_6387.jpg So yes- I truly do not care that disgusting, worthless, pieces of turds that are otherwise known as members. You know why?

2015/01/img_6392.jpg Because you walking pieces of trash say this about a grieving mother-

2015/01/img_6391.jpg and you say sh@t like this…

2015/01/img_6393.png You know- this is one of the huge reasons why whatever compassion I had for the founder of Daxton’s Friends and many of the “victims” for Dogsbite members because if anything- they have lost a child. They know the agony and the pain. Yet- they promote this abuse on a grieving mother all because she doesn’t kiss Colleen’s and Borchardts ass.

2015/01/img_6390.png Tell us how you really feel about this mother who not only fought cancer and is now facing a unimaginable loss-

2015/01/img_6378.png Keep showing the world the real face of BSL ADVOCATES-

2015/01/img_6377.png I’ve yet to see Borchardt or Lynn step up and put a stop to this abuse. In fact- if Jeff Borchardt makes excuses for them and reminds them to use this tragedy to further his cause.

2015/01/img_63741.jpg And these-

2015/01/img_6379.png And these-

2015/01/img_6394.png And FYI- none of you self righteous pricks have a right to feel frustrated about a tragedy where you pathetic excuses for humans have done nothing but attack her.

2015/01/img_6396.png There needs to be laws that prevents frauds like DBO & Daxton’s Friends and from what I’m hearing… It’s coming.


7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to BSL Advocates

  1. Just when I think they have sunk to the lowest depths depravity…have shown their utter lacknif human decency…damned if they don’t go and sink even futher…further than I even thought possible. They are disgusting, disgusting soulless heartless vermin.
    Every person that endures such a tragedy in their lives deserves nothing but sympathy….even if you think they could have possibly prevented said tragedy. Using their criteria of deserving sympathy some of their own friends don’t deserve it. They don’t know this woman, they don’t know her heart. But I can guarantee it is truer than anyone in their pathetic group.

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  2. I really hope that the members of DBO and Bogart see what I am about to type here. NONE of you have ANY right to bash this woman at all. NONE of you have ANY idea what it is to be in her shoes. Even you Bogart. What happened to this woman and her child has nothing to do with any of you, yet you all go off on this bunch of bulls*** slamming her when you for one Bogart were more than negligent in your duties as a parent. YOU KNEW that those dogs shouldn’t have been around your son, yet YOU left Dax there with the babysitter. I really feel bad for your son and this lady’s son as well. I feel really bad for her. You Bogart make it kind of hard to. Now all of you DBO idiot hypocrites rally around Bogart because I just told the truth. You all at DBO are just a bunch of A-holes. STFU and leave this poor woman alone.

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  3. The DBO & PBPMR people are genuinely terrifying. I didn’t even know they existed until I started listening to Pit Bulletin Legal News (I don’t have pitties myself, I just love dogs…and podcasts). Now I visit your site, Foolish Follies, and WICL regularly because these groups are like a gory traffic accident…it’s horrible and disgusting but somehow I’m compelled to look.

    And the reason I’m compelled to look is that I can’t stop trying to figure it out: what is wrong with these folks? That’s not rhetorical. I’m genuinely puzzled as to whether they have some new kind of mental illness or are just plain evil. I know people with mental illnesses and phobias, but they’re not sadistic. I don’t know anyone with a pathological fear of spiders who sits around fantasizing about cruel ways to kill spiders, the way these people do about dogs.

    But if they are simply bad people, then why this particular issue? How can anyone be this worked up about what breed of dog someone owns? It’s like declaring war on Toyota owners because you drive a Hyundai, or ostracizing people who prefer relaxed fit jeans to bootcut.

    It makes my brain hurt.

    Also, like Pittielove 1959, I’m seriously wondering how they manage to live with cognitive dissonance of blaming this poor tragic mother while simultaneously elevating that man and his babysitter to sainthood.

    Anyway, thanks for your hard work in “outing” the BSL extremists. If only every lawmaker and town official followed this site, no one would take these people seriously anymore. In fact, no one would let them within 500 feet of a school or church!

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