::::fundraising update:::

You guys are amazing. As you know, we have set up a GoFundMe account for the Moss Family that just lost their son to a tragic dog attack.

Now, haters gonna hate- those silly BSL advocates are upset that a “pit bull” owner, blogger and mother is raising money for this family and attempting to froth all over it. Unfortunately for them, I have a working brain.

There is another fundraiser started by the family friend Kenny Gottsman that is well aware of our fundraiser and let’s the supporters know how outstanding they are and to give them and a big thank you! Now, unlike BSL advocates- we don’t hide and the fact that it just irritates them that the community is showing compassion and care- something the BSL advocates are not doing since they are to busy attacking this family-

And continuously attacking this family.

So- I just wanted to let you all know just how awesome you! As a community- it’s not just about dogs but about the people.

:::please donate to help this family through this tragedy::::

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